Manganelli Events chose Vokkero

Manganelli Events is a broadcast and A/V company. They have been using Vokkero for several years as wireless intercom solution for their events.
Manganelli Events chose Vokkero

Manganelli Events first discovers Vokkero by renting the system through Tapages, a French leading rental company for A/V. The decision to invest on their own kits is soon taken, as the product meets the majority of Manganelli Events’ use-cases. What they like the most with Guardian Plus:

  • A quick and easy setup
  • The robustness of the beltpack
  • The long range
  • An efficient solutuion that "does the job"
  • The affordable price

Why did we choose the Vokkero solution?

At the time of the investment, the choice of the Guardian Plus was made solid according to the budget, as seens as every other parameters (functionnalities, range, audio) were more than satisfying compared with other complex (and more expensive) systems, J. Aubrun, audiovisual equipment Manager.


Manganelli Events use the Guardian Plus on both "extreme" conditions such as the world famous bike race "Supercross de l'Yonne", and more conventional indoor A/V events.


J. Aubrun explains:

Our added value does not rely on what we have in our flight cases, but rather on the competitive factor of our technical offer. By quoting Vokkero intercom within our offers, the final price for the customer [productions or rentals] is more attractive in the end. Vokkero helps to draw our global offer with a rational and attractive aspect

Another positive side is: previously, each phase of the service required a different system (walkie talkie during set-up, and intercoms for shows + base station during the show). Today with Vokkero, one only communication system is requirered for both phases (Push-to-talk during set-up and Full Duplex during the show). The immediate gains are: less equipment in the truck, and a sweeter price point for the customer!

Your Vokkero tip?

Bluetooth pairing with smartphones: it's a great feature for any Production Manager, customers love it!

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