Broadcast intercom system

Specially designed for events (shows, gigs and tours...) and the audiovisual industry, Vokkero offers radio communication systems that have already proven themselves to broadcast professionals in the entertainment industry.
Plug & play, our complete broadcast kit Guardian Plus (full duplex intercoms, broadcast headset microphones) are professional broadcast equipments that will meet all your expectations.

When to choose a Vokkero communication kit for broadcasting ?

Vokkero provides radio communication kits for events and audiovisual for professional use. Full duplex intercoms are particularly useful for team communication on and off stage in a noisy environment.

Where can I get Vokkero intercoms systems?

Our network is composed of 12 distributors throughout Europe and China. Specialized in show business and/or broadcasting, our teams are mobile and at your disposal to test our equipment.

For which events can I use Vokkero intercoms?

Vokkero intercoms specialized for events and broadcast / audiovisual are perfect for the media (TV or radio broadcasts), studios for cinema or series on television, and theaters for plays, concerts, conferences / meetings ...

Why choose the Vokkero GUARDIAN PLUS for broadcasting audiovisual and events?

The GUARDIAN PLUS is a full duplex hands-free and secure intercom system (AES128 encryption). It does not require any fixed relay or central. Its patented noise filter ensures perfect communication in noisy environments. Intuitive, simple, and economical, it will be the ally of all your events.

What does a GUARDIAN PLUS intercom kit contain?

By choosing a GUARDIAN PLUS radio communication kit for your event or your show, you will have all the equipment you need to communicate with your team. The kits contain up to 8 intercoms, headsets for each person, a charger-configurator and charging and transport accessories.

Can this intercom be used for other applications?

Vokkero provides other radio communication kits for other professional uses. For example, in the domain of sport with the STAFF GUARDIAN for coaches, the SQUADRA for referees, or the STANDARD / ATEX GUARDIAN used in industry and services (Construction, Military, Nuclear...).

What other solutions does Vokkero offer for the entertainment industry?

Vokkero also offers headsets adapted for broadcasting (MAE 410, MAE 420, RTS 420, RTS 410, PIR 430) that are easy to use and designed for live team communications in events and shows.