New product

Wireless audio communication solutions for Volleyball referees.

VOKKERO® Squadra is a communication system developed to meet the requirements of professional volleyball referees. It is composed of a set of mobile radio terminals with a wide selection of microphone headsets and accessories.

VOKKERO® Squadra is the latest addition to the line of VOKKERO® hands-free communication systems. Having been utilized for several years in major competitions in many sports, VOKKERO® has become the premier communication system for
referees throughout the world.

The primary features that distinguish VOKKERO® Squadra include:
• Improved optimization of audio quality and noise fi lter.
• Substatially reduced overall size with low profi le case and internal antenna.
• Extremely quick and simple touch-screen confi guration interface.


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"I used the Vokkero Squadra System during two events, in total in four matches, three times as a first Referee, one time as a second. Each time four persons were equipped with the System: the two Referees, the Scorer and the Referee Delegate.

The System has very positive effects on the quality of the performance of the Refereeing Corps. In addition to the hand signals we have now the possibility of spoken communication which improves the information exchange among the persons. The first referee who was before „alone“ on the other side of the net is much more involved. The Refereeing Corps is one group. The possibility to encourage each other is a big benefit: “Very good call”, “Come on, no problem”, etc.

Some decisions can be made quicker. In unclear situations the second Referee does not have to walk to the first, they simply talk. More Focus on the game is possible. The Scorer can give useful information concerning the team line-ups before and during the match, especially also in the intervals between the sets.

When using the Vokkero® SquadraSystem the communication of the request and the result are now easy and clear. Furthermore, the position of the technique is no more important".

Philippe Schürmann, International Referee Volleyball (Liechtenstein)

Note : The International Volleyball Federation (the FIVB) and the European Volleyball Confederation (the CEV) have officially adopted our Vokkero® Squadra professional referee system for international and European competitions.

One of the first times our Vokkero® Squadra system was used in competition is for the 17th women’s Volleyball World Championship 2014, Italy, after the Men’s Volleyball World Championship 2014, Poland.

Strong points

  • Instant speaking with nothing to press
  • Excellent audio quality in a noisy environment
  • Permanent contact
  • Simple installation, instant configuration
  • Compact, light and robust
  • Secure and confidential communication
  • Adapted to different refereeing configurations
  • No risk of interference
  • Total mobility
  • No additional cost
  • Suitable for listening by each user



Technical specifications

  • Number of users 2 to 6 in full duplex mode + an unlimited number in listening mode 
  • Range Up to 800m (1/2 mile)
  • Channels 3 (Europe) - FHSS (US, Canada)
  • Battery life Up to 12 hours
  • Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymère 3.7V 1000mAh 
  • Frequencies 863-870MHz (Europe, South Africa ...) 902-928 MHz (USA, Canada, Australia...)
  • Power 10/200mW 
  • Weight 100g - 5.3 oz (battery included)
  • Dimensions 95 x 50 x 13mm (3.7’’ x 1.9’’ x 0.6 ‘‘) 
  • T° range -10/+50°C (14/122°F) 
  • Modulation GFSK 
  • Sensitivity -96dBm 
  • Technology TDMA 
  • Norms Europe: EN 300-220 / EN 301-357 / EN 300422 & USA: FCC Part 15 AS/NZS 426