F.A.I.R offer: ask the leader to ensure your complete VAR audio chain

Rely on an evolutive, redondant
and proven VAR audio chain

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Clear audio:
suppression of surrounding noises

Permanent audio

On-the-fly audio
backup possibilities

Discover our Full Audio Installation for Referreing offer:

1. On-field referee equipment with the brand leader in the world:

The VOKKERO ELITE, the latest product in the Vokkero range of communication systems, has been adapted to meet the audio quality requirements of VAR.

Key features provided: high quality 16Khz sound with noise filtering, a secure audio connector, a new robust gateway and compatible with all VAR equipment.

2. Supply, installation and set-up of the complete VAR audio chain : Local or Remote with possibilities to switch from one to the other

3. Test and validation of the reliability and quality of the audio streams with live audio tuning capabilities

4. Recording of all audio streams

5. Maintenance of all audio equipments


Build a quick-to-install, easy-to-use, and secure VAR/TMO audio chain with Vokkero, the leader of refereeing communication system since 2005.


Discover an example of REMOTE installation:

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Keep everything you love in Vokkero improved with key features for var applications

Key features

  • hand

    Hands-free and permanent communication

  • users

    Unlimited number of users

  • sounds

    Patented noise filter

  • football

    Molded and personalized headset

  • cryptagesquadra

    Secure exchanges: digital encryption