Road work

New product

Radio communication system for road work teams.

The Vokkero® system contributes to reducing the risk of accidents at work. But it also saves workers' vocal cords and hearing (thanks to the high performance micro-headsets and hearing protection) and in the end brings them real comfort during and after working hours!


Use case : Pipe and earthworks

The Stracchi company, specialists in pipe and earthworks, adopted the Vokkero® system for one of its most critical sites: installation of an A 180*100 type sewer main in excavations more than 5 meters deep. 

Installing the retaining wall is a delicate procedure. The trench is secured using a jointed liner made of steel sheet piling to prevent collapse. 

  • The mechanical shovel operator uses the bucket as a hammer to drive the steel sheet piling into the trench's reinforcing frame as the earthworks progress.
  • The operative at the bottom of the trench rensures the correct positioning of the steel sheets, but cannot communicate with the shovel operator except via a third person positioned on the edge of the trench who relays the instructions to the shovel operator. This method was their best solution... until they tried the Vokkero® system!

Using Vokkero® systems equipped with its powerful noise filter, Stracchi's piledrivers and trench operatives can now talk to each other instantly and distinctly during this delicate cladding phase, without shouting and without the risk of misunderstanding each other's instructions.

Strong points

  • A clear and intelligible communication in noisy or challenging environment
  • An instant conference and efficient communication
  • A secure and confidential communication
  • Sustainable radio and easy to use system

Road Work - VOKKERO

Road Work - VOKKERO

Technical specifications

  • Communication system full duplex hands-free with unlimited users
  • Patented noise filter: Digital audio filtering (noise from the work environment)
  • Sampling frequency: 8kHz
  • Range up to 1.2 km
  • Battery life up to 12 hours (rechargeable Li-Polymer battery)