Ventilated suits

New product

Radio communication system for ventilated suits.

Radioactivity, exposure to toxic gases, industrial products, CBRN weapons, people working in contaminated zones are exposed to such risks on a daily basis. In order to limit them, they need to wear suitable PPE, but above all to reduce intervention time to a strict minimum.

Vokkero® meets this requirement perfectly by providing permanent, hands-free and perfectly audible communication between team members. How?

  • Vokkero® is adapted to users wearing masks. It allows users to create a clear audio conference between them, eliminating risks due to misunderstandings.
  • The patented noise filter eliminates all noise interference from self-contained breathing apparatus, reducing user fatigue and enabling them to remain focussed on their tasks.
  • The hands-free function means that users can speak without manipulation, a major asset when wearing a protective suit makes difficult or impossible the managing of a push-to-talk button.
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Explosive attacks, with industrial products, NRBC (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological or Chemical) weapons, or technological accidents, are some of the environments that agents from the CONSTOX (reporting on toxic environments) unit from the Technical and Scientific Police (PTS) encounter when they need to collect evidence in hostile and contaminated environments.

How can continuous communication with the team be guaranteed under such conditions ; communication made difficult when protective clothing is worn ?

"Despite wearing safety helmets and protective clothing, we remain in constant contact - between us and our head of operations - thanks to the Vokkero® system. In addition, thanks to the complete freedom of movement it brings, we can perform our meticulous and skilled evidence collection work without any problem. "

G. Lefebvre, specialised agent, member of the Technical and Scientific Police (PTS)

Strong points

  • A clear and intelligible communication in an ATEX environment
  • An instant conference and efficient communication
  • A secure and confidential communication
  • Sustainable radio and easy to use system

Ventilated suits VOKKERO

Ventilated suits VOKKERO

Technical specifications

  • ATEX certification
  • Communication system full duplex hands-free with unlimited users
  • Patented noise filter: Digital audio filtering (noise from the work environment)
  • Sampling frequency : 16kHz
  • Range up to 1.2 km
  • Battery life up to 12 hours (rechargeable Li-Polymer battery)


Ventilated suits - VOKKERO Application

Requiring no fixed installation, the VOKKERO ® intercom system allows the establishment of a permanent, hands-free communication between the whole team throughout the duration of an intervention.