Fixed audio desktop console

GLE 400

New product

The GLE 400 is an desktop audio console that allows you to connect a VOKKERO network to a remote location via a 4-wire GUARDIAN Wireless Interface and a set of XLR audio cables.

This audio console offers a built-in microphone and speaker, and a tunable PTT (Push-To-Talk) function.
This solution is particularly suitable for remote command or control rooms wishing to communicate with a remote team of operators equipped with VOKKERO GUARDIAN.
It is recommended for stage direction in theaters, control rooms in industry, the supervision of production lines, central control rooms or even the main bridges in the maritime.

Key benefits

  • GLE400

    Built-in microphone and loudspeaker

  • GLE400 2

    XLR connection for external gooseneck microphone

  • GLE400 3

    Push-To-Talk or Latch Button

  • GLE400 4

    Perfect association with the GUARDIAN Wireless Interface

Technical Specifications

  • Internal switch mode power supply (100 to 250 VAC)
  • Size 190 x 98 x 180 mm
  • Single 4 wire circuit
  • Program audio input
  • Front panel or external Mic with gain control
  • Compressor / limiter circuit for mic
  • Lever key for mic operation
  • Relay output when mic live
  • 4 wire & program inputs transformer balanced
  • 4 wire & program Inputs have gain controls
  • Front panel Loudspeaker
  • Headphone Jack (breaks LS)
  • Overall LS / Headphone volume control
  • Audio connections on rear panel XLRs