PELTOR Tactical XP noice-canceling headset

PEL 441

New product

This headset is equipped with an active volume function.

Users can hear background sounds: conversations, machine noise, etc. At the same time, sudden and harmful noises are immediately attenuated.

Fits under helmet.

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Key benefits

  • PEL490

    Hearing protection, clear communication for high noise environments

  • PEL490 2

    High attenuation shells with optimized acoustic design

  • PEL490 3

    Plenty of room for the ears for a long superior comfort

  • PEL490 4

    Foam & liquid-filled flexible sealing rings 

  • PEL490 5

    Excellent sound reproduction, even in very noisy environments

  • PEL441

    Fits under construction helmet

  • PEL441 2

    Adjustable environment active volume function

  • PEL441 3

    Neckband model provides stability and tension to the earmuffs

  • PEL441 4

    Noise cancellation directionnal microphone

Technical Specifications

  • Hearing Protection Style: Earmuffs
  • Hearing Protection Type: Neckband
  • Level Dependent Function for Ambient Listening: Yes (amplifies weak sounds, attenuates strong noises)
  • Microphone Class/Type: Dynamic
  • System menu guided by voice synthesis
  • Balance function, equalizer, ajustable trigger time
  • Last setting memorized when switching off
  • Autonomy: about 1000h
  • Weight: 435g
  • Attenuation value (RNR): 94 to 105 dB
  • SNR: 31 dB
  • Automatic shutdown after two hours if no function is activated
  • Warning signal when the batteries are low, before switching off
  • Twisted connection cable with GUARDIAN connector

Why choose this railroad noise-canceling headset?

If you're looking for a railroad noise-canceling headset with great audio quality for railroad maintenance or other needs, then this headset is probably for you. With active noise reduction perfect for railroad work, this noise-canceling headset will make it easier to eliminate all the noise that can sometimes be heard in the background, and which can be annoying to users who are working around trains.
Therefore, by providing audio quality that will make communication on the rails much more convenient, it can sometimes make all the difference also in other very noisy environments, whether it is industry or construction. It should also be noted that these noise-cancelling helmets are also perfectly suited for use in railway maintenance. However, if you need a noise-canceling headset for industrial or nuclear applications, you can also choose this Peltor noise-canceling headset, which is also suitable for this application. Thanks to its perfect sound quality, these headphones are bound to accompany you in your daily work, even in the most difficult moments!