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Wireless communication systems for water polo referees, polo referees, Lacrosse referees, roller in-line referees...


Water Polo:

For the first time in the history of Italian Water Polo, the Vokkero system equipped the referees and officials during the "Final Tour" of the Italy Cup. Roberto Petronilli, President of GUG says: "Direct contact between referees enabled us to follow what was happening in the water and around the pool better, and to exchange information immediately, something that promoted consistency in interpreting the game. As for the official, the opportunity of listening to the exchanges meant that he could control the progress of the match better. Doubtless in the future, the Vokkero system will become an essential aide in the context of top level refereeing activities."


The Vokkero® communication system has been definitively adopted by The United States Polo Association.

And the feedback, as evidenced by Charlie Muldoon, seasoned professional player and Executive Director at United States Polo Association Umpires LLC, is extremely positive : « The introduction of the Vokkero® system has been an extremely valuable in the way we communicate in the training of officials as well as making games more time efficient. The system allows our umpires to easily communicate before, during, and after a play which in turn helps our officials be more confident in their calls. This in general helps the game as a whole ».

Snow Polo:

Referees, stewards and officials for the Snow Polo Cup (Tianjin/China) were all equipped with our Squadra communication system.

Using this equipment, the two field referees officiating on horseback and closest to the action remained in permanent communication and were thus able to penalise fouls committed by riders immediately, without having to meet to discuss the decision to be made.
In case of disagreement, the decision was referred to the third referee off the field, also equipped with the Squadra communication system.

As Peter Abisheganaden testifies: "the Vokkero system used by the FIP enabled referees, stewards and myself to communicate over free frequencies. It worked very well and we were able to resolve some problems very quickly before they got worse". He adds: "buying this system was a very good investment".


The Vokkero system was tested by US Lacrosse at the Women’s College Club Championship in Arizona. The officiating teams were quite impressed by the contribution that the Vokkero system made to the game management.

In the words of one of the tournament officials: “I enjoyed the opportunity to use the headset for the game. We were able to communicate so easy & quickly. I did like the ability to hear what we were saying. Great to be able to verbally communicate while play is in progress. Great for unusual situations. I can see it being a neat asset for officiating crews.”


Note : The Vokkero system is overwhelmingly supported by the major team sports federations (CAF, AFC, CONCACAF, EHF, IHF, ...).

It has been used during events as prestigious as the rugby World Cup, the World Handball Championships, and the football World Cup...

Strong points

  • Full duplex: permanent communication between referees and the scoreboard.
  • From 2 to 6 users: suited to different refereeing configurations.
  • Hands-free system: instant speaking with nothing to press.
  • Patented noise filter: voice recognition and elimination of all extraneous noise (shouts, applause, echoes, etc.).
  • Digital encryption: secure and confidential communications.
  • Multi-channel: several systems can be used on the same site.
  • Compact, lightweight, and robust (IP54 standard). * "Speaker mode" function: option of making public announcements and commenting on decisions affecting the game.

VOKKERO wtaperpolo


Technical specifications

  • Number of users 2 to 6 in full duplex mode + an unlimited number in listening mode
  • Range Up to 800m (1/2 mile)
  • Channels 3 (Europe) - FHSS (US, Canada)
  • Battery life Up to 12 hours * Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymère 3.7V 1000mAh
  • Frequencies 863-870MHz (Europe, South Africa ...) 902-928 MHz (USA, Canada, Australia...)
  • Power 10/200mW * Weight 100g - 5.3 oz (battery included)
  • Dimensions 95 x 50 x 13mm (3.7’’ x 1.9’’ x 0.6 ‘‘)
  • T° range -10/+50°C (14/122°F) * Modulation GFSK
  • Sensitivity -96dBm * Technology TDMA
  • Norms Europe: EN 300-220 / EN 301-357 / EN 300422 USA: FCC Part 15 AS/NZS 4268