Ice Hockey

New product

Wireless audio communication solutions for Ice Hockey referees.

VOKKERO® Squadra is a communication system developed to meet the requirements of professional Ice hockey referees. It is composed of a set of mobile radio terminals with a wide selection of microphone headsets and accessories.

VOKKERO® Squadra is the latest addition to the line of VOKKERO® hands-free communication systems. Already being used at the highest levels of International sports,VOKKERO® with its adoption by the prestigious Kontinental Hockey League, is now becoming the PREMIER communication system for ice hockey officiating throughout the world.

The primary features that distinguish VOKKERO® Squadra include:
* Improved optimization of audio quality and noise filter.
* Substatially reduced overall size with low profile case and internal antenna. 
* Extremely quick and simple touch-screen configuration interface.


Strong points

  •  Instant speaking with nothing to press
  • Compact, light and robust
  • Excellent audio quality in a noisy environment
  • Permanent contact
  • Adapted to different refereeing configurations
  • Combined communication system and the option of commenting on decisions to the public
  • Simple installation, instant configuration
  • Total mobility
  • Suitable for listening by each user
  • Secure and confidential communication
  • No additional cost

VOKKERO Ice Hockey

VOKKERO Ice Hockey

Technical specifications

  • Number of users 2 to 6 in full duplex mode + an unlimited number in listening mode 
  • Range Up to 800m (1/2 mile)
  • Channels 3 (Europe) - FHSS (US, Canada)
  • Battery life Up to 12 hours
  • Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymère 3.7V 1000mAh 
  • Frequencies 863-870MHz (Europe, South Africa ...) 902-928 MHz (USA, Canada, Australia...)
  • Power 10/200mW 
  • Weight 100g - 5.3 oz (battery included)
  • Dimensions 95 x 50 x 13mm (3.7’’ x 1.9’’ x 0.6 ‘‘) 
  • T° range -10/+50°C (14/122°F) 
  • Modulation GFSK 
  • Sensitivity -96dBm 
  • Technology TDMA 
  • Norms Europe: EN 300-220 / EN 301-357 / EN 300422 & USA: FCC Part 15 AS/NZS 426

Vokkero Application Ice Hockey

The official intercom system VOKKERO® Squadra does not need a fixed installation or base station, and can be used instantly. It makes it possible to set up a continuous hands-free communication between referees and their associate judges for the entire duration of a competition.