GUARDIAN REF | Wireless Interface for VAR


New product

The Wireless Interface allows you to connect the audio conference of the Vokkero system in the field to the rest of the VAR audio system.

Compatible with all VAR systems on the market, it maximizes audio quality on the field side and video referees, and guarantees a redundant, reliable and secure link.

Our experts recommend the use of our Pitchside Gateway: discover the complete installation of a VAR audio system.

The Vokkero Pitchside Gateway integrates 2 Wireless Interfaces and audio interfacing and conversion equipment selected and proven in the most prestigious championships to ensure audio & radio connection with the field referees.

Key benefits

  • wi guardian ref 1

    Compatible with all VAR systems on the market

  • wi guardian ref 2

    Communication terminal integrated in the WI: robustness and reliability

  • wi guardian ref 3

    Available in an integrated rack ready to install at the side of the field

  • wi guardian ref 4

    Gain settings and remote antenna possible

Technical specifications

  • Audio In and Audio Out on XLR 4-wire
  • Audio In and Audio out gain settings possible
  • Same features as on a Guardian radio terminal
  • Optional remote antenna

Use cases