Remote control solution for referee headsets and radio communication| VOKKERO ELITE SMART GATEWAY


New product

Monitor, manage and control all of your ELITE communication systems remotely. 

This is the most innovative of all the wireless audio interfaces developed by VOGO. Installed fieldside, it is the brain of the operations. Thanks to its embedded technology, you will be able to act remotely in live mode on your VOKKERO ELITE communication systems and offer the highest quality and most reliable communications between VARs/TMOs and on-field referees.

Thanks to a web application, the ELITE MONITORING DASHBOARD, you will be able to access and manage your communication system settings live from the field or the VOR, via a web browser on a tablet or PC.

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Key benefits

  • ESG 1

    Remotely live control your radio communication systems 

  • ESG 2

    Ensure the most reliable and high-quality communication

  • ESG 3

    Manage all risks of radio disruption

  • ESG 4

    Remotely configure whistle sound level

  • ESG 5

    Monitor and act through an intuitive online dashboard

  • ESG 6

    Access interface via its Wi-Fi, Ethernet or fiber optics

  • ESG 7

    Interface your equipment easily with Dante digital technology

  • ESG 8

    Very easy to integrate into stadiums

Technical specifications :

Size: 483 x 253x 88 mm
Integration: 2U - 19 inches
Main power supply: 100-240 VAC - Maximum 50 W
Temperature/Humidity (non-condensing) not operating: -5°C to 70°C / Max 95%
Temperature/Humidity (non-condensing) in operation: 0°C to 50°C / 5% to 90%


Analog Input Card
4 balanced 4-wire analog audio inputs
4 professional XLR male connectors

Analog Output Card
4 balanced analog 4-wire audio outputs
Pre-configured audio mixes for VAR applications
4 Dynamic professional XLR male
connectors > 115 dB (A-weighted)
THD +N < -100 dB

ELITE Smart gateway Card
RJ45 connector for access to monitoring data
USB-A and USB-B connectors for wired pairing and software updates
Wi-Fi antenna (for monitoring control via tablet) and VOKKERO radio
MAIN gateway or BACKUP gateway identification LED.
Network role identification LED
Led for confirmation of remote monitoring control from a remotecontrol
centre (VOR)
Dual 5 port Gigabit Switch
Two linkable 5 ports full speed gigabit Ethernet switches 8 x RJ45 Gigabit
2 x SFP cages for two additional compact hot-pluggable SFP (mini-GBIC)
transceivers available in many formats:
- Mono-mode or Multimode Fibre Gigabit SFP transceiver
- Single Fibre Bi-Directional Gigabit SFP Transceiver
- Copper/Ethernet Cabling Gigabit SFP transceiver

The DANTE protocol

Dante Card
Connectors: EtherCon RJ45-XLR and 2 x RJ45 connectors
Dante operating modes: Redundant integrated Gigabit switch with
primary and secondary ports, replicated on ports 3 and 4
Audio outputs: Up to 64 channels
Audio inputs: Up to 64 channels
Sampling: 24 bits
Sample rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz
Synchronisation: Automatic from Dante network

Antenna offset card
1 offset connector and 1 Wi-Fi antenna connector
1 remote connector and 1 VOKKERO radio antenna connector
Designed to facilitate the radio performance of two ELITE Smart Gateways
(MAIN & BACKUP) arranged in an fieldside rack.