Competitive sailing

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Wireless audio communication solutions for sport teams.

Anticipation, reactivity and, above all, the organization and cohesion of the entire crew are the essential attributes for winning a yacht race. Crew members need to act together, quickly and efficiently in a consistent, concerted manner, sometimes in tough conditions.

The challenge is to be able to establish total, permanent communication between all crew members in all circumstances.

The radio communication system Vokkero® meets all these requirements:

  • No more tension: the full-duplex system means that you can set up permanent, instant communication between crew members.
  • No handling: the Vokkero® system is hands-free and can be worn in a protective cover on your belt or under a sailing suit.
  • Improved cohesion: Vokkero® ‘s noise filter eliminates all forms of interference. The crew can talk together easily, clearly and intelligibly in all circumstances.
  • No more blind manoeuvres: radio contact is permanent wherever the crew is on the boat.

Vokkero®’s advantages make it the preferred system for all the world’s great sailing crews, who use it to break the most prestigious records and win races as well-known as the America’s Cup.

Strong points

  • A totally hands-free system that allows crew members a total freedom of movement to carry out sailing manoeuvres in training and during races.
  • A patented noise filter for totally clear, audible communication despite background noise (wind, waves, sails).
  • Set up quickly and immediately by simply pairing up appliances. No fixed installation is required.
  • Ease of communication: reduced stress linked to the risk of poor understanding.
  • Light, robust radio equipment: it has been designed for durable use and is impact-resistant. A waterproof cover is available as an extra.
  • Instant communication for optimized tactical discussion and crew coordination with a single aim: winning.