Brand's values

Oriented customer culture, values ​​shared by all:

A corporate culture oriented "clients" to develop relationships of trust, durable and lasting, available in five corporate values ​​shared by all employees:

  • Customer service
  • The spirit of truth
  • Respect for the person the will to progress
  • Team spirit

Finally, innovation, quality, compliance and environmental responsibility are the values ​​defended by VOKKERO® and guide his choices.

An exclusive expertise, business VOKKERO® heart:

A team consists of engineers assigned to R & D division: radio experts in digital engineering and signal processing, the R & D engineers are of the highest level.

An ability to make custom-made:

Alongside its standard offer, VOKKERO® has the intellectual capacity (expertise, knowledge & skills) and physical capacity (research prototypes & specialized equipment) to design solutions tailored to specific customer needs.