About us

VOKKERO® is a brand that belongs to the company adeunis®.

adeunis® is a French industrial company that specialises in designing and manufacturing connected objects and wireless solutions that are ready to use.

For over 20 years, adeunis® has supported its international customers through products using the latest technologies and implementing innovative solutions.

adeunis®’s offer fulfils needs and applications dedicated to infrastructures and networks on the building management, energy, transport, industrial, sports and other markets (to find out more about adeunis®, click here).

Our company stands out by having 2 business units, one of which is for the VOKKERO® brand, and which constitutes a fully-fledged business unit. 

VOKKERO®, which specialises in communication systems for mobile teams, is recognised worldwide by team sports referees thanks to its Squadra products range.

VOKKERO® is also perfectly suited to the industrial and service sectors, such as the construction, maritime, security, nuclear, asbestos removal and other sectors, as well as to environments that are risky or difficult to communicate in, such as sites with explosive atmospheres (thanks to its ATEX certification), confined spaces, etc., due to its  VOKKERO® GUARDIAN product which has recently been released on the market, and has unique, innovative product qualities.

Vokkero's story