The brand

Vokkero®: The radio communication systems brand for mobile teams


Vokkero® is a brand that offers full communication systems consisting of a set of portable radio terminals and headsets that can be selected from a wide range of accessories.

It enables several users to hold an audio conference instantaneously, on a permanent, secure basis. As it is a hands-free system, and it does not require any fixed relay, Vokkero® systems are easy to use, intuitive and economical (they use frequencies that do not require licences) and adapt to everyone’s specific features and needs due to their numerous, easy to access functions.

Vokkero®, which is equipped with a patented filter, provides a solution to all communication issues in noisy or difficult environments.

Vokkero® products, which are recognised globally by team sports referees, are also perfectly suited to the construction, industrial, maritime, security, audio-visual and catering sectors.

Vokkero® systems have contributed to improving decision-making out in the field and have played a key role by facilitating communication, including preventive communication, among teams of referees. They have gained the enthusiastic support of the referees that use them who, in particular, appreciate their greater communication capabilities.

Its open-mic system makes it possible for them to communicate on an on-going basis effectively and efficiently. At various industrial sites, and on various worksites, Vokkero® communication systems have already proven themselves.

A testimony to this is that they were used to equip a worksite with 24 personnel for drilling and injecting concrete. These people were able to work in a co-ordinated way on a hands-free basis, under completely safe conditions, in spite of the ambient noise, which could reach levels of up to 90 dB near the drilling machines and the concrete pumps. (For further information, consult our news about this topic by clicking here)

Thanks to the full duplex Vokkero® communication system and its ultra high-performance noise filter, the worksite supervisor’s instructions were clear and audible to his team members, who were themselves able to react if necessary by speaking immediately. The manoeuvres carried out were perfectly synchronised, with the personnel concentrating on their task and working calmly and more efficiently rather than becoming dispersed, which enabled optimal time-saving at the worksite. Lastly, staff safety at the worksite was boosted.