SQUADRA | Configurator & charger


New product

The Squadra Charger and Configurator is a touch screen configurator allowing to set all your terminals.


Once connected to the charger(s), this configurator provides access to all Squadra terminal functions and allows quick and easy implementation of your system.

Each charger can recharge 4 Vokkero Squadra terminals simultaneously.

3 chargers can be chained to charge up to 12 Vokkero Squadra terminals simulteanously, with only one power supply.

Key benefits

  • chargeur conf

    Intuitive & quick configuration and pairing

  • chargeur frequences

    Change of frequencies

  • chargeur role

    Modification of terminal roles

  • chargeur encryption

    Activation or desactivation of encryption

  • chargeur logiciel

    Update of software