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Communication system for construction professionals operating in demanding environments who need to work in a safe, hands-free environment.

There are many potentially dangerous conditions associated with the construction industry. The use of a clear, intelligible communication system greatly reduces the risks stemming from miscommunication. Our all-in-one and hands-free wireless audio conference systems are available as individual components and in kit form.

The Vokkero® system allows crews to communicate instantly up to 800 meters (a half-mile) radius. This system does not require any fixed base-station, providing complete mobility on any construction site. Hands-free operation allows the users to completely focus on their work (handling loads, crane operation, demolition, roof covering, etc.), while remaining in full audio contact with their team.

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By improving the quality of communication within our teams, we eliminated tensions, improved intervention and waiting times on site and improved our efficiency. With VOK-ENG, ADEUNIS RF has really designed and developed an innovative solution, adapted to the specific constraints of our trade.’’

Construction professionalsoften work in demanding environments - at height, areas with limited access, scaffolding, etc.... Faced with the danger of building sites, they must give their teams the tools to ensure their safety. But one of the recurring problems encountered on these sites that really puts people in danger is miscommunication. It is very difficult today for a crane operator, a laborer andforeman to interact easily, clearly and continuously. 
The reasons are multiple: height, distance, outside noise but also delicate maneuvers and constraints driving the crane itself (need for the crane operator to have both hands free to drive the crane).as well as the need for the crane operator to have both hands free to operate the crane. Miscommunication between these people can have disastrous safety consequences. VOKKERO overcomes these problemsby providing reliable, clear, and continuous communication between members of a team within 800m (a half-mile) radius.

Lightweight and rugged, VOKKERO allows workers to fully concentrate with their jobwhile remaining in a continuous audio conference with the rest of the crew. Moreover, as it requires no fixed or base station, it is therefore particularly suited for use on mobile sites.

Pascal Sanchez , site manager at Bouygues

Strong points

  • A clear and intelligible communication in noisy or challenging environment
  • An instant conference and efficient communication
  • A secure and confidential communication
  • Sustainable radio and easy to use system

Construction - VOKKERO

Construction - VOKKERO

Technical specifications

  • Communication system full duplex hands-free with unlimited users
  • Patented noise filter: Digital audio filtering (noise from the work environment)
  • Sampling frequency: 8kHz
  • Range up to 1.2 km
  • Battery life up to 12 hours (rechargeable Li-Polymer battery)


Construction - VOKKERO Application

In this example, we have two separate building teams:

  • Team No. 1: Laborers 2 and 3, who work on scaffolding (building, cleaning facades, etc), and are supervised by the Site Manager.
  • Team No. 2: The Crane Operator and his teammate, Laborer 1 who is in charge of handling the load under the crane. They are supervised by the Team Leader.
  • The Team Leader and the Site Manager are in constant contact throughout the construction process.

VOKKERO is a hands-free, all-in-one communication system which ensures clear, intelligible, and continuous communication within each team (No. 1 and No. 2), while also providing an efficient means of communication between the two teams via their supervisors (the Team Leader and Site Manager).

Establishing a continuous, hands-free audio connection between members of an intervening team is thus possible, significantly reducing the inherent risks in the construction industry stemming from miscommunication..