Vokkero Squadra in the Money Time...

... to validate its basketball ticket !
Vokkero Squadra in the Money Time...

Things are moving in the world of basketball! The federations are taking a close interest in our Vokkero® Squadra audio communication system and have carried out tests at tournaments in Europe and the USA.

In the United States, the NBA D-League has carried out several test phases which started last summer with the "NBA Summer League" in Las Vegas with 23 NBA teams, and continued throughout the season at D-League matches. The final phase of testing took place in January at the 11th edition of the "NBA D-League Showcase".

Europe and particularly France has not been left behind, since all the referees in the last "Leaders Cup" (20 to 22 February at Disneyland) had the opportunity of testing Vokkero® Squadra under actual conditions.

Feedback from all these referees was extremely positive. Among the points often made were the following:
• Better coverage of the court. 
• Improved management of sensitive periods. 
• Optimization of gestures. 
• Better management of communications with coaches and the score table ...

This enthusiasm heralds the promise of the use very soon of Vokkero® Squadra in the major international championships.

Following testing, product improvements were made in response to basketball's specific features: in particular, the noise filter had to be adapted to a court environment.

Results: better comfort when using audio thanks to moulded earpieces, as well as optimization of audio quality thanks to the noise filter.

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Wireless audio communication solutions for Basketball referees.

VOKKERO® Squadra is a communication system developed to meet the requirements of professional basketball referees. It is composed of a set of mobile radio terminals with a wide selection of microphone headsets and accessories.

VOKKERO® Squadra is the latest addition to the line of VOKKERO® hands-free communication systems. Having been utilized for several years in major soccer competitions such as the World Cup and the Champions League and by all the best European and national leagues, VOKKERO® has become the premier communication system for referees throughout the world.

The primary features that distinguish VOKKERO® Squadra include:
* Improved optimization of audio quality and noise filter.
* Substatially reduced overall size with low profile case and internal antenna. 
* Extremely quick and simple touch-screen configuration interface.

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    Wireless audio communication solutions for Basketball referees.