Guardian show: 1 year already, a success story

Full-duplex wireless intercom specially designed for the audiovisual and broadcast markets.
Guardian show: 1 year already, a success story

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW, the easiest, most affordable and efficient full duplex intercom on the market. Bertrand Million, Brand Director of VOKKERO: « GUARDIAN SHOW is the result of a remarquable team work. Each one of our European distributors helped us with meeting a great number of pro users of any scale, big and small theatres, production companies, rentals, sound engineers, integrators. Each one of them expressed their vision about intercom systems. These meetings lead us to a general conclusion : technical must remain compatible with simplicity. Today, the GUARDIAN SHOW is a simple and powerful product that makes complex operations lot more easier. »


2 minutes to discover all the technology included in the GUARDIAN SHOW:

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VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW is a stand-alone wireless intercom system designed for audiovisual productions and live events. License-free and easy to set up, the GUARDIAN SHOW features 3 different radio and audio presets (Rigging, Live, Studio), to meet a wide variety of ways to use, ranging from a noisy stage environment to the tranquility of a studio set.

For more specific configurations, each parameter can be set either from each individual box or from the intuitive menu on the configurator's touch screen.

What's new on the GUARDIAN SHOW ?

  • Adjustable sharp latency
  • 3 differents operating presets: Rigging, Live, Studio
  • Every radio and audio parameter can be adjusted either from each individual beltpack or from the configurator’s intuitive touchscreen menu
  • Voice Priority function on director’s beltpack
  • The RF power for each of the 10 licence-free radio channels can be fully adjusted between 10 and 500mW, set between 829.250mHz and 869.525mHz
  • 4 groups per channel and an unlimited number of users, within a wide and reliable radio range.
  • New hardcase with extra room for headsets and accessories


Zoom on the 3 different operating modes:

1. Studio: ideal for configurations in a quiet environment and for short range: minimum latency, PTT mode, speech detector deactivated, minimum gate level, for 7 users + Wi interface.

2. Live:  ideal for live events with transmission of orders ("Top") from the director to the technicians, but also for film sets or theaters: ideal latency, compressor and active eq for optimal listening comfort, PTT mode, voice activity detector disabled, adjustable gate level, unlimited number of users.

3. Rigging: ideal for mounting stages and equipment in noisy environments, where technicians need their hands to be free: normal latency, Latch mode (hands-free), voice activity detector activated, normal gate level , unlimited number of users

Of course, each of the radio and audio parameters of each Rigging, Live or Studio preset is not set and can be adjusted manually.

"Guardian SHOW:" Technicality should not be an obstacle to simplicity "

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