Vokkero and Antonio Banderas in Malaga

The all new Soho CaixaBank theatre adopts the Vokkero wireless intercom!
Vokkero and Antonio Banderas in Malaga

This winter, Soho CaixaBank theatre in Malaga (Spain) opened with Banderas’ A Chorus Line musical as grand opening show.

The install (Adamson, Avid, Martin Light, Vokkero) was fully coordinated by SeeSound (Distributor and Installer of Pro Audio and Light equipment, Madrid).

The wireless intercom network is made of 16 Guardian Plus beltpacks, linked to a classic 2-wire ClearCom partyline through the Vokkero Wi interface.

This radio communication system specialized for theater plays covers the entire building, without extra antenna but each beltpack’s integrated one ; a performance which greatly convinced Francis Rubio, Soho’s technical director, to select Vokkero as wireless coms.

Picture: on the left, Francisco Rubio, Sound Manager, SOHO, on the right, Alberto Asegurado, SeeSound distributor.

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    The Guardian Plus is a powerful digital intercom system, allowing to set-up in less than 3 minutes a full duplex audio conference.