Vokkero adopted by event and show professionals

The Vokkero® wireless intercom system is now part of the range of equipment used by the BENSON' company's mobile teams.
Vokkero adopted by event and show professionals

Sound, lighting and video, etc. specialists, BENSON' provides services in the context of a great variety of cultural and other events: fashion shows (L’Oréal, ...), events (European Week, Brive Book Fair, ...), concerts (Murray Head, …), festivals (Rencontre du Moyen Métrage, Concèze, …), reporting (Mondial du 2 roues), shows, meetings, etc.

In this context, it is responsible for technical control on-site. Using the Vokkero® wireless intercom system, it coordinates engineers (sound, light, set, etc.) and their assistants, live, without any prior training.

"Recently, I had to coordinate two lighting engineers for Turenne Chateau. One was in a cradle 30 metres above ground and the other down below. Fortunately we were all equipped with the Vokkero® system! We were able to communicate without any problems, simultaneously. Without it, it would have taken us twice as long!", acknowledges Benjamin FAURE, BENSONS's manager and accustomed to using Vokkero® in many and varied contexts. "We purchased these Vokkero® systems through La Boutique du Spectacle. This is a well-established company in the event world. They strongly advised us to buy Vokkero® systems. We don't regret it."

Remember that:
• Vokkero®'s ultra-sensitive noise filter ensures optimum listening quality even in a very noisy environment (music, crowds, shouting, ...).
• With 3 separate transmission channels, Vokkero® offers the option of using several systems on the same site.
• An approved product, it uses the free frequency bands with no licence or subscription required.
• A wireless "WI" interface can be used to connect a Vokkero® system to any type of wired intercom (2 or 4 wires).