SDIS 74 demonstrates the efficiency of the Vokkero GUARDIAN system

"Team communication during an operation is very important, it enables to save time, it makes operations much more efficient," says firefighters of SDIS 74.
SDIS 74 demonstrates the efficiency of the Vokkero GUARDIAN system

The SDIS 74, equipped since September 2017

of the Vokkero GUARDIAN communication system, testifies:

Setting up the radio system is very easy. I clip it on the belt of the breathing apparatus inside my suit. Then once it is placed, I don’t have anything to do for the microphone.

The objective is to be able to talk and listen without having to touch the device because once you have your gloves on, you can’t put your hand in your suit to use it.

Having your hands free, not having to activate anything, it’s very important for us. We can concentrate on our task and on our tools.

We work on industrial sites, very noisy environments. The Vokkero Guardian system is perfectly suited since it detects the voice, removing any surrounding noise interference. The sound quality is perfect!

Communication is always clear, whether within teams or between different buildings.

Can you imagine how much time we would lose if the teams had to come back to give information to the chief every time? This way, they give the information in real time and the chief can guide them remotely.

It makes a big difference! When there is a leak for example, the time we save greatly reduces the amount of product on the floor. And the operation is much quicker.

An essential specificity: the Group function. Concretely, if two teams are involved in two different operations in the same time without having to communicate with each other, thanks to the group function, the chief can communicate with each of them and hear them without any interference between them.


To work efficiently under the best conditions, we need to be able to forget our radio system. You forget it’s there!

You can discover the video of the intervention and the testimonials here:

You too, choose Vokkero, and optimize the safety and efficiency of your teams!

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