NEW: Guardian Ref adjusts for VAR applications !

Vokkero completes its range of communication systems with Guardian Ref, a radio terminal for referees that meets the audio quality requirements of video assistance refereeing.
NEW: Guardian Ref adjusts for VAR applications !

New on the market? Not exactly...


This summer 2019, GUARDIAN REF was selected by the Ligue Professionnelle de Football (French first league) ! The clarity of its communication, its easy deployment and configuration has convinced the French referees.

The major players in the VAR have been supporting it for months; refereeing managers, video integrators, broadcasters; since it perfectly fits their requirements and their broadcast systems.


Features adapted for VAR


Still totally hands-free and equipped with a new noise filter that has made Vokkero products famous in professional refereeing, the Guardian Ref is now part of the Sport product range by bringing:

  • High quality sound (16 Khz) for perfect intelligibility between the field and video referees
  • A locked and secure audio connector, to minimize any risk of disconnection of the headset during a match
  • An integrated and proven "pitch-side" audio input/output gateway interface, compatible with all VAR systems
  • 10 royalty-free frequencies
  • Strong digital encryption of communications (AES128 key)


Bertrand Million, Director of Vokkero, a brand of the Adeunis group, says:

Thanks to Guardian Ref, we are above all other products on the market since we are the only ones to offer a system that offers HD audio quality with noise filtering, which we believe is a "must have" in stadiums where the sound level can exceed 100 dB. The feedback from the referees has exceeded our expectations.


Vokkero does not stop there and is already announcing that it is working on new developments in line with the expectations of referees and the specificities of video refereeing, in particular the remote monitoring of the communication systems, the miniaturisation of the terminal, and the even more advanced adequacy with broadcast requirements.

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