NCAA approves use of In-Game Communication System

Vokkero was the first system to be tested in College Football, and is the choice of top level game officials globally.
NCAA approves use of In-Game Communication System

Vokkero is a proprietary officiating system
Same system used by SEC, Major League Soccer, FIFA and more.
Vokkero utilized at SEC Championship game
There are currently 6 BCS and FCS conferences that are working with Vokkero in spring game testing.

Those that used the system last fall cited numerous areas of positive benefit to the crew and the game, including:

Improved Game Administration
More efficient Penalty Administration
Enhanced communication with Coaches
Substitution Management
Pre-Snap keys
Ball Placement
Situational information - relay between crew
Crew chief leadership instantly communicated to whole crew at key times
Observer can listen in for improved coaching

Aaron West, of the D3 Centennial Conference said, " The Vokkero system far exceeded my expectations. It clearly enhances the precision of the game and the speed of administration. My average game time fell approximately 21 minutes, and I believe this is exactly do to the speed and clarity of communications Vokkero provided."