MLS: 8 year of partnership!

MLS kicked off the 2020 season in February and marks the 8th year of partnership.
MLS: 8 year of partnership!

Major League Soccer was the first professional U.S. league to choose Vokkero as its supplier of officiating communication equipment and 2020 marks the 8th year that MLS match officials will be using the Vokkero Communication System

MLS also utilizes Vokkero’s VAR solution in which MLS was one of early adopters internationally.

Also 3 MLS clubs utilize Vokkero’s in-game staff communication system.


Vokkero continues to evolve with MLS, through its officiating arm, PRO (Professional Referee’s Organization). PRO is headed by Howard Webb, former English Premier League, UEFA, and FIFA referee. 

Howard Webb, PRO General Manager: “The Professional Referee Organization has provided refereeing services to professional soccer leagues in North America for over seven years. Vokkero has been an important partner to us during that time, ensuring our officials remain connected, enhancing their teamwork and assisting them to deliver high quality performances


Since 2016, Vokkero has also been supplying the officials for United Soccer League and the National Women’s Soccer League.

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