Wireless intercom for audiovisual industry: Key players give their reviews

Filming studio, event production agency and rental service for artistic events... They give you their opinion on VOKKERO solutions.
Wireless intercom for audiovisual industry: Key players give their reviews

1 year after its release, the wireless intercom system VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW, dedicated to audiovisual and broadcast professional users, already seduced major market players.

The key features highly appreciated by users are already highlighted:

  • Flawless transmission thanks to 500mW transmitting power that enables to cover larger venues or filming sets by one single VOKKERO system, fixed or mobile.
  • Licence-free with affordable price in a widely versatile package.
  • 3 preset modes whether you are in a silent theater, or in a noisy concert hall.
  • Voice Priority function that enables a director to be heard by the entire crew at all time.
  • The ability of an unlimited number of users to freely communicate in full duplex with clear 16MHz audio.


Tonlabor OHG Hamburg (Germany)

Audiovisual and events productions

Picture: Tonlabor team equipped with VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW interncom during a live event.

Tonlabor-audioservices-hamburg, an audiovisual and event production company, has selected our VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW system in order to provide effortless hands-free communication between the members of its production team during their video shoots, live broadcasts, events…

Sebastian Bode, Associate Managing Director of Tonlabor OHG, describes his experience:

“Fortunately, I came across this ‘problem solver’ in the field of intercom! The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW has been a constant and reliable companion of our productions since then - whether live streaming, video shootings or in the event area. Perfect communication is the basis for smooth production. Easy to use, powerful, mobile, flexible and affordable!

Simply great and convincing!”

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