In 2020, VOKKERO launches the SQUADRA ONE communication system!

The new SQUADRA ONE coms system is adapted to entry-level referees.
In 2020, VOKKERO launches the SQUADRA ONE communication system!

Why a new SQUADRA ONE?

Following the launch of the VOKKERO ELITE, the latest generation of our communication system, we have adapted the previous generation VOKKERO SQUADRA in order to meet the needs of semi-professional or amateur sports referees.


What has changed with the SQUADRA, the system that has been used until now all over the world?

Our goal was to redesign SQUADRA to offer VOKKERO’s technology and quality to amateur and semi-professional sports referees.

To do this, we have created kits of 2 to 4 users (which is the maximum number of users for the SQUADRA ONE) ready to use with the minimum of accessories.

They are very easy to use, have only one transmission channel, no encryption, which allows them to be delivered without a configurator.


Although these characteristics make them incompatible with a video assistant referee (VAR), SQUADRA ONE still includes all the advantages of the VOKKERO communication systems, such as the patented noise filter and the ability to create a hands-free, instantaneous, clear and permanent communication.


What are the differences with the new ELITE?

ELITE is particularly designed for professional sports refereeing with, in particular, an audio quality and latency adapted to the constraints of video refereeing and the broadcast world related to it.

It also offers a privileged and more robust communication link between the referee and video referees, an increased resilience to radio interferences, and the possibility of recording the conversations on a SD card. Many parameters can be adjusted through the configurator such as the noise filtering level, the referees' microphone gain or the whistle sound level. Very soon, a web application will allow to remotely control and set the entire system.


VOKKERO is the brand used for more than 15 years by almost all professional sports Leagues and Federations worldwide.

The VOKKERO SQUADRA has notably been used during the last 4 Football World Cups. We are very excited to now offer to referees in amateur and semi-professional sports the opportunity to use this well-proven technology suited to their needs and their budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!!

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Ready-to-use SQUADRA ONE kit for 2 to 4 users dedicated to entry-level referees, containing : radio terminals, micro-earphones, charger and accessories in option.

All the VOKKERO technology in an accessible and plug & play system : SQUADRA ONE. A simple and pre-configured system adapted to referees of all sports officiating up to 4 people without VAR (video assistant referees). In less than 20 seconds, the products are functional and communication is established.

VOKKERO is the brand used for more than 15 years by almost all the professional football leagues and federations in the world.

The VOKKERO SQUADRA has been used in particular during the last 4 Football World Cups.

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