Use the Vokkero® Guardian power supply to recharge your terminals quickly and easily.

  • Référence : VOKKER-GUARD-CHX001

    Charger and Configurator VOKKERO® GUARDIAN This charging unit is used for recharging the VOKKERO® GUARDIAN, VOKKERO® GUARDIAN PLUS and VOKKERO® GUARDIAN ATEX terminals. Configure your radio communication system VOKKERO® GUARDIAN with touch screen enables intuitive configuration.

  • Référence : VOKKER-GUARD-BAT001

    Lithium Polymer Battery - 2000 mAh. Battery life: up to 12 hours Recharging: 4 hours max charging time.

  • Référence : VOKKER-GUARD-EXT001

    The Guardian charging extension can be associated with the Guardian charger to reload / configurate 3 additional terminals or batteries (per extension).