Referee communication kits

A complete refereeing headset kit

Discover our VOKKERO® ELITE referee comms kits dedicated to professional sports refereeing:

  • - Available from 2 to 8 users
  • - Including many accessories
  • - Used in international competitions

When to choose a referee headset?

Vokkero SQUADRA refereeing headset kits are designed for professional referees (on the field and video, "VAR") who work in teams of 2 to 8 users, and who are looking for a ready-to-use, reliable and secure radio communication solution.

What are the Vokkero SQUADRA kits made of?

Each communication kit includes numerous accessories for optimal efficiency: radio terminals for each user, micro-earphones, and other accessories such as the charger-configurator, armbands, belts, carrying bags... All of these accessories can be purchased separately.

In which sports use Vokkero referees' headsets?

The Vokkero SQUADRA referee audio equipment is used by professional referees in international sports competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup. This professional referee audio equipment is also used in other sports such as basketball, rugby, ice hockey, and many other sports.

Why choose the Vokkero SQUADRA kit for refereeing?

The advantages of the Vokkero SQUADRA headset kits are numerous:

  • - easy handling for immediate use
  • - hands-free mode so you never lose touch with the team
  • - encrypted communications to secure exchanges
  • - external noise completely suppressed thanks to the noise filter


Can this headset be used for other domains?

With the Vokkero Guardian Staff, Vokkero also offers wireless communication systems specially designed for sports coaches and technical teams (video analysts, health professionals...), for use on the sports field or in the stands.