Full duplex walkies talkies

VOKKERO professional full duplex walkie talkie are perfectly adapted to all mobile teams working in noise environment and even in critical conditions. Our mobile radio terminals are used by professionals in the construction, railway and nuclear industries or in military and civil security.
Hands-free, full duplex and without a fixed station, our two way radios will meet all your expectations, especially with their multiple functions: digital encryption, patented noise filter, Bluetooth, group mode, alarms...

In what business areas can you use VOKKERO full duplex walkie-talkies?

VOKKERO professional two way radios, full duplex mode, are adapted to all industries and services: nuclear sites, military and civil security, construction and civil engineering, the railway industry, or the health industry.

Are VOKKERO full duplex walkie talkies suitable for my company?

All VOKKERO two way radios full duplex and radio communication accessories are designed in collaboration with professionals from many sectors of activity to ensure that they operate in a way that is adapted to your industry. Do you have any questions concerning the use of a particular 2 way radio? Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about the radio communication equipment we provide!

Why choose a VOKKERO full duplex walkie talkie?

VOKKERO permanent communication walkie-talkies are designed for professionals and have many features: they are equipped with a patented noise filter that guarantees clear communication in all circumstances. They have military encryption to ensure the security and reliability of your exchanges. With a long range of 1200m, they are also easily rechargeable and very simple to handle for an unlimited number of users.

What full duplex walkie-talkies does VOKKERO provide?

In the field of industry and services, we advise you to choose the VOKKERO GUARDIAN long range / easily rechargeable walkie talkie (permanent communication) which comes in 3 types of products:

  • - the STANDARD full duplex walkie-talkie for all industries
  • - the PLUS full duplex walkie-talkie for strong encryption and high audio quality (16 KHz)

How do I use VOKKERO full duplex walkie talkies?

VOKKERO long range walkie talkies full duplex with a distance of 1200 m are very easy to use and can be set up in just a few seconds thanks to the touch-sensitive configurator-charger. However, if you need help, we have produced tutorial videos accessible on this page that will explain how VOKKERO 2 way radio full duplex works in detail.

In the tutorial videos, you will be able in a few minutes to associate your radio terminal with a compatible wireless accessory such as your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth, or even simply create discussion groups to facilitate exchanges within a team.

Where can I order VOKKERO professional full duplex walkie talkies?

To order a professional walkie talkie with permanent communication, you can contact us directly or get in touch with our worldwide network of distributors specialized in radio communication equipment here.

Do you need for accessories or other communication system material for your business area ?

Discover the accessories and other VOKKERO radio communication devices for industry: audio headsets, headphones, full duplex walkie-talkies, intercoms... which are perfectly adapted to your professional activity!