Molded Hearing Protections for industry market

The most influential custom-made hearing protections manufacturers are partnering up with VOKKERO! This union will provide you with optimized communication solutions in loud environments.

Picture this! The most advanced and well performing communication system on the market is now joining forces with this lightweight protection technology to adapt to the ears of all your coworkers.

Safety and comfort in one package.

Discover all of our offers of dedicated compact headsets!

  • Référence : PROTAC-PASSTOPV

    The Passtop V solution combines a certified noise protection PPE, EN 352-2, and the VOKKERO boom microphone SEN430.

  • Référence : ERC 421

    The RC BoomMic solution is a EN 352-2 and 352-6 certified noise protection PPE combining a pair of customized hearing protections (Elcain RC) coupled with a microphone capable of neutralizing the surrounding noise.

  • Référence : AUDITECH-COMTECH

    The ComTech solution combined the VOKKERO CEO410 neckband headset with a noise cancelling PPE certified EN 352-2, which is adjustable and adapted to your hearing.

  • Référence : COTRAL-STARCOM

    The StarCom solution certified EN 352-2 and 352-6 combines a molded hearing protection, including acoustic filtration adapted to your environment, with the VOKKERO boom microphone, SEN421.

  • Référence : SEN430

    The SEN 430 is a boom-micophone headset designed to be fitted with Interson molded custom protection earplug.