Communication headsets

In addition to your VOKKERO communication system, you will need a micro-headset adapted to your activity!

What is a micro-headset or communication headset?

A micro-headset is a radio communication accessory composed of a transmitter: the microphone, and a receiver: the earpiece. It is a hands-free communication equipment since it is fixed directly in the ears. There are two main types of micro-headset: the in-ear micro-headset, which is inserted directly into the ear canal, and the boom micro-headset, which places the microphone in front of the user's mouth. Both systems are used in industry (nuclear, construction, military, etc.), audiovisual and sports (refereeing, coaching, etc.).

The VOKKERO micro-earphones are included in most of the radio communication kits offered.

What are the advantages of the VOKKERO micro-earphones and communication headsets?

VOKKERO professional headsets are designed to meet the needs of professionals in industry, audiovisual and sports.

The professional headsets for industry are designed above all to allow them to work and communicate efficiently and serenely while being hands-free. They can be equipped with custom molded earplugs (Molded Hearing Protection, or MHP) that protect the hearing of operators in sound environments. This is the case of our SENSORCOM SEN 430 boom headset.

Boom headsets for professional referees or sports coaches, such as our PHONAK PHO 521, come with a generic earpiece kit that includes left and right earpieces, as well as 3 silicone inserts. This accessory is ideal for communicating outdoors thanks to its wind protection and its light weight offers optimal comfort for several hours, no pressure around the head. In certain configurations, we recommend the use of Push-to-Talk PHONAK systems, for example in video arbitration.

The in-ear microphones are very useful in the military, civil security, or industrial sectors when wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): suit, diving suit, mask... Since they are equipped with an extremely sensitive microphone, located in one ear, while the speaker is in the other. The front of the mouth is therefore completely free.

VOKKERO offers full duplex radio communication systems for all these models.

Who uses professional headsets today?

Many professions require a hands-free communication system that is easy to set up, lightweight and practical.

Industrial operators in ATEX or nuclear zones, military security personnel and the medical profession often use in-ear microphones. These earpieces take up very little space and are therefore perfectly compatible with the wearing of PPE, helmets and suits.

Sound and light technicians and audiovisual technical staff, on stage or in the studio, as well as sports staff: coaches, referees, line judges, will prefer the boom microphone. This hands-free communication system remains comfortable even with prolonged use, and allows the transmission and reception of clear and intelligible information without cutting oneself off from one's direct environment.

Why choose VOKKERO micro-earphones?

The VOKKERO micro-earphones are industrialized to be coupled with our professional radio communication systems which have many advantages:

  • An intuitive and fast handling which allows to use it immediately on reception
  • A hands-free system that guarantees total freedom of movement
  • Encryption of communications, for absolute confidentiality
  • A patented anti-noise filter that blocks noise for crystal-clear sound
  • The possibility of ordering hearing protectors or a custom ear mold, for optimal comfort

Contact our experts and get advice on how to choose your professional communication equipment.

When should I use the different types of earpieces or headsets?

VOKKERO offers different types of headsets to provide the most suitable hands-free communication system for every situation.

In which headset kits can I find the VOKKERO micro-earphones?

All VOKKERO microearphones can be included in our different complete radio communication kits:

Where to buy a professional micro-ear ?

You can find all VOKKERO headsets on the Internet or at one of our distributors, in stores specializing in professional audio equipment, or in establishments dedicated to your field of activity. We invite you to take advice from a store specialized in equipment for professionals in your sector for the purchase of your micro-ear.

VOKKERO is distributed all over the world through a network of various partners: resellers, stores and specialized stores. Do not hesitate to use our search engine to locate the nearest store, or contact us directly if you cannot find a distributor near you!

What VOKKERO products are compatible with a headset?

All our headsets with microphone are compatible with our radio communication devices. Among them:

  • VOKKERO ELITE professional sports referee audio equipment, which is a headset system developed for referees. The noise filter is adjustable to the stadium atmosphere, and the radio connection is reinforced to limit interference.
  • The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW intercom system, a wireless intercom dedicated to audiovisual productions and live events. It has 3 radio presets: rigging, live and studio, to adapt to different working environments, and a "Voice Priority" mode that can be activated for the director.
  • The VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS walkie-talkie, a professional instant conference audio equipment with hardened encryption for enhanced security.

Can't find the product you are looking for? Check out our entire range of professional radio communication equipment sorted by field of activity!