Thanks to our headsets, you will be able to communicate easily with your team! Lightweight, discreet and very affordable, they are suitable for all uses!

What is a headset?

A headset is a professional radio communication system consisting of one or two earphones covering the entire ear and an articulated microphone, located at the mouth.

The VOKKERO professional headsets exist in several versions, adapted to different sectors of activity: audiovisual (studio, live events, show business...), industrial (nuclear, construction, railways...), or sports (refereeing, coaching, technical and medical teams), which require an efficient communication system. Numerous features and options improve their comfort and facilitate the task of users: professional headset with hearing protection for use in noisy environments, windscreen integrated into the microphone in case of prolonged use outdoors...

What are the benefits of VOKKERO headsets?

VOKKERO professional headsets are designed for team use in the context of a professional activity. They have been chosen according to the needs and constraints of each sector.

VOKKERO professional headsets have high quality ear cushions, which guarantee long-lasting comfort. Some have reinforced hearing protection thanks to flexible sealing rings, filled with foam and liquid. This is the case with our PELTOR headset.

The "Active volume" function, present for example on the headset model PELTOR TACTICAL XP, allows to adjust the surrounding noises in real time, in order to balance the received sounds: it amplifies the weak sounds, and attenuates the strong noises.

It is possible to design your headset with molded hearing protection for a comfortable and safe communication equipment, as on the CEO410 noise-canceling headset model.

VOKKERO headsets are included in all radio communication kits, you can choose the accessory you want for each user.

Who uses professional headsets nowadays?

Many professionals in the audiovisual, sports and industrial sectors use VOKKERO communication systems and headsets on a daily basis to coordinate their actions live and remotely.

Technical teams in the entertainment world use professional headsets for the preparation (rigging phase) and management of live events, on stage, in theaters or outdoors.

Industrial operators working in noisy environments use professional headsets that also offer hearing protection.

Finally, sports staff rely on their professional headsets to communicate live while isolating themselves from external noise pollution, and to intervene quickly if necessary, regardless of the size of the game area and the distance between them (field, stand, bench...)

Why choose a VOKKERO headset?

The professional headsets available with the VOKKERO walkie-talkie range are the result of years of worldwide research. Our partners have been selected following numerous tests and exchanges to verify the quality and compatibility with our radios. All accessories (headsets and earpieces) available are adapted to connect to our professional radio systems. Among the advantages of VOKKERO products are :

  • - Advanced anti-noise technology to protect operators' hearing in noisy environments
  • - Volume-Activated function, which attenuates sudden harmful noise levels while allowing ambient sounds to pass through
  • - A range of lightweight around-the-neck headsets with a very small footprint and no compromise on ruggedness, such as the PIR410 headset (dual-ear) or the PIR430 headset (single-ear)
  • - A noise-canceling directional microphone for clear transmission of information, including our single-muff RTS headset or our dual-ear RTS headset
  • - Long-lasting wearing comfort for professional activities

Under what conditions should a headset be used?

VOKKERO offers a wide range of headsets adapted to different professional activities, which allow clear and solid communication despite the distance and a noisy context :

  • - Use in noisy industrial environments: construction, railway maintenance, aerospace sector, heavy industry, medical... Some models are compatible with all types of existing Personal Protective Equipment: mask, construction helmet, suit, ventilated mask... (see our recommendations for communicating effectively in a noisy environment)
  • - Use in the audiovisual and entertainment world, for work on set, in studio or outside.

Your activity does not lend itself to wearing a headset? VOKKERO offers alternatives, such as the SAX422 shoulder speaker, equipped with a Push-to-Talk microphone! Or the SEN410 in-ear headset, which allows you to have the microphone in one ear and the speaker in the other, freeing you from a microphone placed in front of your mouth.

What are the different types of headsets?

VOKKERO headsets with integrated microphones are adapted to the constraints and specificities of professionals working in teams, at a distance and in noise.

Some examples of available headsets:

  • - Active listening headsets with hearing protection are particularly well suited to noisy environments. They ensure the safety of users through full-duplex communication with their team, while preserving their hearing health.
  • - Professional headsets with a single ear, such as our MAE410 reference from MAESTRO, and double-ear headsets such as the MAE420 reference from MAESTRO are suitable for the event and audiovisual sector for live management: shows, concerts, outdoor events, TV sets, etc.

Where to buy a professional headset?

VOKKERO has a large network of distributors throughout the world: marketplaces and online stores, specialized stores in professional audio equipment, resellers and partners dedicated to professional equipment.

A headset with a built-in microphone is professional audio equipment which, if badly chosen, can have an impact on your health and your performance. We advise you to contact a specialist in your field of activity.

Use our search engine to find the dealer nearest you, or contact us directly to request a quote!

Which VOKKERO products are compatible with a headset?

All our headsets (light headsets, professional headsets, neck strap headsets...) are compatible with VOKKERO intercoms and professional radio communication systems. See our flagship products:

  • - The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW intercom, an intercom system designed for the audiovisual and entertainment world. 3 presets available: rigging, live and studio, to adapt to all audiovisual environments.
  • - The VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS communication system, a professional audio equipment with hardened communication encryption for enhanced security in industrial and service environments (military, civil security, industry...)

Can't find the product you are looking for? Consult our entire offer of professional radio communication equipment sorted by field of activity!