Communication systems

Discover all the VOKKERO communication systems as well adapted to sports refereeing as to others: it is the essential accessory for team communication!

What is a communication system?

A professional communication system is an audio communication equipment that allows to receive sound by radio waves. This radio communication system is hands-free, meaning that the user does not need to manually interact with the audio equipment to send and receive information.

Professional communication systems are mainly used by sports referees and technical staff for their convenience on the field. Professional audio equipment is also used in the industry and in the audiovisual sector.

What are the benefits of VOKKERO communication systems?

VOKKERO professional communication systems have been developed to be perfectly adapted to use in noisy environments where there is a need to communicate as a team.

The earpieces with boom microphone are particularly recommended for referees, coaches and sports medical teams for their wearing comfort, even in long term use. The windscreen foam on the microphone ensures clear and controlled transmission of information in all circumstances.

Communication systems with in-ear microphones are recommended for sensitive industrial operations as well as for the civil and military security sector. This headset is connected to a radio terminal and is inserted directly into the ear canal. It has a highly sensitive microphone in one ear and a loudspeaker in the other, making it possible to wear a breathing helmet or a suit for example.

Who uses professional communication systems today?

Pro and semi-pro referees are the main users of professional headsets today. VOKKERO is proud to count among its customers :

  • The Netherlands Basketball Federation, NBB, who chose VOKKERO to equip their referees. The referees have seen their sense of belonging increase thanks to the continuous contact provided by their sports communication system.
  • VOKKERO has been chosen by some of the world's largest ice hockey federations. They all recognize the benefit of being able to create focus groups, with a system of voice priority. They also agree that the headsets are very effective in noisy environments.

Did you know that 98% of European sports federations use a VOKKERO professional radio communication system?

Why choose a VOKKERO communication system?

Every VOKKERO headset is designed to meet the expectations of technical and sports staff. They contain a complete radio communication system:

  • VOKKERO ELITE or SQUADRA ONE radio terminals, equipped with a patented anti-noise filter that blocks noise pollution to allow only the voice to pass
  • a charger-configurator to recharge and configure the wireless radio terminals, which have an autonomy of 10 to 12 hours
  • professional micro-earphones (several models available)
  • a flexible and waterproof carrying bag

Multiple accessories are also available with these communication systems.

When should I use a headset?

We offer several models of headsets to suit all purposes: in-ear microphones, headsets with boom microphones, headsets with lapel microphones, or headsets with Push-To-Talk.

We recommend the use of a radio communication system with headset in several cases:

  • a need to communicate in a noisy environment while protecting one's hearing (headset for industry, construction, railways...)
  • an activity where live communication is crucial, for the management of a live event for example (headset for audiovisual, headset for sports)
  • a sector of activity that requires a hands-free communication system and the least cumbersome possible (military headset, in-ear headset for the sensitive industry)

Do you have a specific request, a doubt about the choice of the right professional audio equipment? Contact our experts today!

What are the different VOKKERO communication kits?

The VOKKERO headset kits are adapted to different sports uses, for professional and semi-professional referees:

  • The VOKKERO SQUADRA ONE referee headset is a ready-to-use kit for semi-pro and amateur referees. The system is easy to use and is pre-configured to be operational in less than 20 seconds.
  • The VOKKERO ELITE 5 to 8 user communication kit is designed for professional referees. VOKKERO ELITE includes a recorder to store conversations on SD card and voice alert options. A kit includes the latest generation of VOKKERO ELITE radio terminals, and essential accessories: micro-headset, charger, configurator, armbands, belt and carrying bag. It is also available in 2 to 4 user versions.

Where to buy professional communication systems?

Our professional headsets are sold through a network of various partners: distributors and audio equipment stores, in physical stores and on the Internet. Contact a store specializing in professional radio communication equipment or in your sector of activity to get the best advice for the purchase of your professional earphones.

Use our search engine to find the nearest retailer, or contact us directly to request a quote!

Which VOKKERO products are compatible with a communication system?

Combine your VOKKERO walkie talkie headsets with all of our wireless radio terminals:

  • The VOKKERO GUARDIAN STANDARD full duplex walkie talkie for industry and services, dedicated to production operators, railway agents or construction workers.
  • The VOKKERO GUARDIAN ATEX radio terminal, designed for use in regulated environments. With reinforced encryption and the "Voice Priority" option, it complements the ATEX microphones.
  • The VOKKERO GUARDIAN SHOW radio communication system, a full-duplex intercom for the entertainment industry. Whether you are managing live events, rigging or working in the studio, everything is designed to facilitate the daily life of staff and technicians.

Can't find the product you are looking for? Check out our entire range of professional radio communication equipment sorted by field of activity!