Full duplex walkie talkies

VOKKERO full duplex walkie talkies are designed for professionals and semi-amateur referees in the field of sports. They have features adapted to all fields of activity.

What is a walkie talkie?

A walkie-talkie is a professional wireless radio communication device, used for communication between mobile teams. These communication systems are used in industry, civil and military security, construction, sports refereeing and health. VOKKERO professional walkie-talkies are full-duplex, which means that they allow two-way information flow: a high-end walkie-talkie can therefore transmit and receive at the same time without any manipulation and at any time. They are for professional use and are particularly suitable in extremely noisy or critical environments. They can be used in push-to-talk or hands-free mode depending on the desired conditions of use.

What are the advantages of VOKKERO walkie talkies?

It's not always easy to figure out how to choose a good professional walkie talkie. VOKKERO walkie talkies are professional radio communication systems that have multiple functions to make life easier for users. Their patented anti-noise filter solves the recurring problems of communication in noisy environments and discomfort at work. Confidentiality of exchanges is guaranteed by AES128 digital encryption, which neutralizes the risk of leakage of sensitive data and interference with other radio systems. VOKKERO professional walkie-talkies have a range of 1200 meters in free field and are compatible with many audio accessories, from the in-ear headset to the professional noise-canceling headset, depending on the needs.

VOKKERO walkie-talkie users have the possibility to create groups, in order to interact only with the people concerned. The technical or security manager can set up his communication equipment to give himself priority of speech on all exchanges.

Also available in Bluetooth version, you can pair your cell phone or a Bluetooth headset for example to the VOKKERO walkie talkie.

What are the uses of a professional walkie-talkie?

These radio communication systems are usually found in industrial teams (nuclear, construction, railways...), sports referees (indoor or outdoor) or technical sports staff (coach, analyst, doctor...). Their hands-free use is particularly appreciated by users for the freedom of movement offered, especially during delicate operations or the handling of dangerous products. VOKKERO high performance walkie-talkies are synonymous with time saving and safety for technical teams, and are recognized worldwide for their efficiency in managing live broadcasts during sporting events.

Their use in push-to-talk is useful in civil security cases: security guards, control room attendants, supervision...

Who uses walkie-talkie systems today?

VOKKERO's customers include many sensitive industries (nuclear), medical institutions and sports teams. For example:

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When should you use a walkie-talkie?

Any situation that requires a communication system to exchange information between teams at a distance is an opportunity to use professional walkie-talkie systems.

  • Industrial and medical sector: delicate or dangerous operations are controlled through permanent and reliable communication without ever compromising the proper performance of the task and the safety of the people involved, thanks to the hands-free system of the VOKKERO high-performance walkie-talkies.
  • Noisy environment: the patented noise filter associated with the VAD (Voice Activity Detector) option allows only the sound of the voice to pass through, and ensures clear information, without interference in all circumstances.
  • Coaching, technical staff and sports referees: different VOKKERO radio communication systems in the same place to facilitate and improve the decision-making of each person, all in a complex environment without interfering with each other.

What does a professional walkie talkie kit contain?

A VOKKERO professional walkie-talkie kit is composed of 2 to 8 professional wireless radio terminals, an intuitive charger/configurator and headsets or earpieces of your choice per user. Some VOKKERO walkie-talkie kits with charging base are designed for specific uses:

Where can I buy a professional walkie-talkie?

It is possible to buy a VOKKERO professional walkie-talkie directly from our sales team by filling in this contact form (response within 48 hours).

You can find our professional walkie-talkie systems online or in stores, in stores specialized in professional radio communication equipment, or in establishments dedicated to your sector of activity. We recommend that you ask for advice from dealers of equipment specific to your field for the purchase of your professional long range walkie talkie.

VOKKERO benefits from a large network of distributors worldwide: stores, specialized stores and resellers. Find here our search engine to locate the nearest distributor.

Contact us if you do not find a distributor near you!

Which VOKKERO accessories are compatible with a professional walkie-talkie?

VOKKERO has a catalog of professional radio communication products and accessories compatible with walkie-talkie systems:

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