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What is an intercom?

An intercom is a professional radio communication system used mainly in the audiovisual, industrial and sports fields. It allows the good coordination of teams during technical operations, guarantees their safety and ensures the good management of events thanks to an instantaneous and clear communication. Unlike a standard walkie-talkie, an intercom can be used in full-duplex, making it easy to use hands-free. A complete intercom kit usually consists of several wireless radio terminals, headsets or earpieces for convenience, a charger/configurator and a hard carrying case.

What are the benefits of VOKKERO intercoms?

The VOKKERO intercoms kits are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in noisy environments thanks to their unique features. Their use in full-duplex makes them a practical and functional hands-free communication system. All communications are 100% secure with AES128 digital encryption, ensuring absolute confidentiality and no interference with other systems.

The noise filtering system associated with the voice detection option (VAD) allows you to broadcast and receive only the essential: speech.

In addition, the intercoms offer the capability to compose separate groups and to designate a main group, an indispensable feature in the organization of teamwork.

What are the usecases of an intercom?

Intercom communication systems are mainly used by professionals in the audiovisual sector (theater, festival, studio, TV set...), in industry (nuclear, railway, construction) and in the sports world (field and video refereeing, technical teams).

The intercoms kits are mainly used to ensure the good coordination of the various teams and trades in the event, industrial and sports sectors: sound engineers, stage managers, referees and coaches, SNCF agents, construction workers, firefighters, military... Team leaders can set up their intercom to give each other priority when speaking, and create different work groups so that each team member is only communicating with his team members and does not disturb the others' work.

Who uses professional intercoms today?

Many technical directors and team leaders are now turning to VOKKERO professional radio communication solutions. They include:

  • The BENSON' company, specialized in sound, lighting and event video. The company chose VOKKERO audiovisual accessories to coordinate all the technical staff, without any prior training.
  • Eiffage Travaux Maritimes et Fluviaux (ETMF), which adopted VOKKERO GUARDIAN systems to ensure team communication on a construction site on and under water.
  • The Alliance of American Football, who chose VOKKERO GUARDIAN PLUS to equip their referees. Their new professional audio equipment will provide the audio link to the video referees.

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When should you use an intercom?

An intercom radio communication system can be adapted to several situations:

  • Indoor operations and events - the use of a VOKKERO intercom during a show, a sports event or an industrial operation is particularly recommended thanks to the different modes of use. VOKKERO professional audio intercom equipment can be used in all circumstances, from technical support at an event to live refereeing of a sports match.
  • Outdoor operations and meetings - VOKKERO intercom systems include several intelligent features for optimized communication in noise environments. In addition to a patented noise filter to suppress unwanted noise, the VAD (Voice Activity Detector) option only opens the microphone if the algorithm detects a human voice. This allows hands-free operation without noise pollution.

What does an intercom kit contain?

An intercom kit is generally composed of radio terminals, a charger/configurator and a choice of headsets/earpieces. VOKKERO offers several different intercom kits for different user needs.

The full duplex pro audio wireless intercom kit includes 4 VOKKERO intercoms of your choice, 4 headsets or headsets per user, 1 configurator/charger and a hard carrying case.

Some of the VOKKERO intercom kits consist of up to 8 GUARDIAN professional radio systems.

Where can I buy an intercom?

It is possible to buy an intercom system directly from the VOKKERO sales team by filling in this contact form (reply within 48 hours).

It is also possible to buy them online or in stores, in establishments specializing in professional radio communication equipment or in accessory stores related to your field of activity. We recommend that you contact establishments specializing in equipment for professionals in your sector to purchase your intercom.

VOKKERO has a large network of distributors all over the world: resellers, stores and specialized stores. Find here our search engine to find the distributor nearest you.

Contact us if you can't find a distributor near you!

Which VOKKERO solutions are compatible with an intercom?

VOKKERO offers a range of solutions compatible with a wide range of our radio communication products for professionals:

  • VOKOVER IP, for remote communication using the existing IP network on site.
  • VOKOVER FIBER, a complete solution that relies on a fiber optic line to communicate over long distances.
  • VOKOVER EASY, a 100m extender that allows two VOKKERO GUARDIAN radio terminals to be linked in very critical areas.
  • VOKOVER TEAMS, a wireless interface to link two separate teams or a team and a supervision console for example.

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