Industry communication system

Choose the best radiocommunication system for the safety of your mobile teams, an increased production, and the confidentiality of telecommunications... Vokkero provides communication systems such mobile radio, wireless intercom systems, headset, Bluetooth, in-ear, neckband, behind-the-head, boom-mic and all radio equipment you need for your team.

In what industry can VOKKERO equipment be used?

VOKKERO communication system equipments for professionals working in industry and services is perfectly adapted to many business fields: nuclear zones, noisy industries, military or civil security, construction, railways or healthcare…

What communication system equipment do you provide in the industry business field?

VOKKERO offers a specific range of radio communication system equipment for industry and services, such as standard, HD quality, micro-earphones, headsets (see our recommendations for choosing the right headset for your industrial activity), but also solutions adapted to every professional.

Do you design custom made radio communication systems for industries or manufacturers?

Because each industry and each service has different restrictions, VOKKERO communication system equipments are designed to fit in with many other radio communication systems and respond directly to particular cases with our VOKOVER solutions, communication network extension systems.

Why should I use VOKKERO intercoms in my business area?

Communication system equipments (headsets, intercoms, full duplex walkie-talkies, etc.) stands out with its VOKKERO technology embedded in the devices: a patented noise filter. But our radios are also known for their ease of installation and deployment, which is almost instantaneous. They require no base station and operate with a very intuitive touch-sensitive charger-configurator. Finally, the Bluetooth, alarm, or team group communication features are also highly appreciated by users.

Can you help me choose the right equipment for my business?

You can find all the communication system equipment for industry and service professionals in our catalogue with our 3 different ranges of radio terminals and all the associated headsets. We are at your complete service to advise and support you.

How do I get VOKKERO radio communication systems?

To order our radio communication systems, you can either contact us or contact one of our distributors specialized in radio communication systems for industry and service professionals.

What about the reception and the installation of the equipment ?

After ordering your VOKKERO communication systems, you can request special support for the installation and integration of your audio equipment within your site and also training for all your teams.

Are you looking for examples in your industry?

Discover our case studies of communication system in your industry: construction, nuclear, civil security...

Need another radio communication solution?

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