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What is a professional radio communication system?

A professional communication system is composed of a transmitting part, which emits a radio signal, and a receiving part, which returns it to the recipient in its original form. VOKKERO communication equipment is full-duplex (the microphones remain open at all times, communication is continuous) and hands-free. They are adapted to many professional uses: industry, sports or audiovisual sector.

A complete VOKKERO radio communication system is generally composed of a set of intercoms or full-duplex professional walkie-talkies, as well as radio communication accessories: micro-headset or headset, case or armband, storage case, and a charger-configurator.

What are the benefits of VOKKERO communication equipment?

VOKKERO professional radio communication equipment is adapted for professional use. As such, they have options and features that facilitate the work of operators. VOKKERO's on-board technology, the noise filter, cleans the transmitted sound and ensures "crystal-clear" communication.

The ease of installation and the almost instantaneous deployment of the VOKKERO systems are ensured by a touch-sensitive and intuitive loader-configurator: no need for a base station, everything is accessible via the loader-configurator.

The Bluetooth option is widely appreciated by our customers: it is possible to link a smartphone to the established communication network by connecting it to a radio terminal.

Voice Priority, vibrating alarm, beeper and the possibility of forming communication groups are also among the undisputed advantages of our professional audio equipment.

Are the VOKKERO radio communication systems adapted to my sector of activity?

VOKKERO's professional radio communication equipment is designed for teams requiring high-performance communication equipment, whether to manage a live event efficiently or to ensure everyone's safety thanks to instantaneous communication, without noise pollution. VOKKERO radio terminals are perfectly suited to use in noisy environments (construction, railway maintenance, sports events) or critical areas (ATEX or SEVESO classified zones).

VOKKERO adapts to your particular case with the help of dedicated radio communication accessories: audio gateway, fiber optics, IP network, anti-noise headset, armband, remote antenna…

Contact our experts to discuss your project!

When should I choose a VOKKERO intercom?

An intercom is a professional wireless radio communication system. It is mainly used in the audiovisual, sports and industrial sectors. Similar to a professional walkie-talkie, the intercom offers advanced possibilities for instant communication thanks to its full-duplex system. It is therefore the ideal radio communication system for live event management and industrial operations that require seamless coordination. Each VOKKERO intercom is easily configurable with the included charger-configurator. The different VOKKERO intercom kits are composed of intercoms dedicated to different sectors of activity as well as professional audio accessories: earpieces, headsets, etc.

When should I use the VOKKERO professional earphones and micro-earphones?

The VOKKERO in-ear monitors and microphones are professional audio equipment that allow the transmission and reception of sound by radio. They are hands-free equipment, which are adapted to sectors of activity where the operator's concentration is required: live management in the audiovisual sector, surveillance and reactivity in sports, or delicate interventions in industry.

The VOKKERO professional boom micro earphones are made up of one or two ears and a micro boom placed in front of the mouth. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The VOKKERO professional in-ear microphones are composed of two earpieces that are placed directly in the ear canal. The microphone is placed in one of the earpieces, which frees up the front of the mouth completely. This radio communication system is recommended when the wearing of PPE is mandatory: suit, helmet, respiratory mask…

What are the benefits of VOKKERO professional headsets?

VOKKERO professional headsets with microphones are radio communication equipment consisting of one or two earpieces that completely cover the ears. The microphone is located in front of the operator's mouth.

VOKKERO offers a wide range of professional headsets, adapted to different sectors of activity:

  • Audiovisual headsets are available in single-ear and dual-ear models. They are ideal for managing live events on set, in the studio, in theaters or on the field thanks to their dynamic noise-canceling microphone on a flexible boom.
  • The headsets for sports referees and technical staff are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The noise filter of the VOKKERO systems blocks noise pollution to allow only the voice to pass.
  • The industrial headsets have passive or active noise reduction and are compatible with protective headgear. Some are ATEX certified for use in sensitive environments: nuclear, oil & gas, etc.

Why use a VOKKERO professional full-duplex walkie talkie?

VOKKERO long-range walkie-talkies are professional full-duplex audio equipment that facilitate inter-team exchanges and improve collective performance. They benefit from numerous features such as the patented VOKKERO anti-noise filter, which neutralizes noise pollution.

All VOKKERO professional walkie-talkies are secured with AES128 digital encryption, which guarantees the confidentiality of information.

Users of VOKKERO full-duplex long-range walkie-talkies can create different communication groups and assign priority to one of the radio terminals. This allows the operations manager to supervise the entire operation.

How are your solutions adapted to my business area?

In addition to the standard functionalities of the VOKKERO® radio communication kits, there are also VOKKERO® solutions that meet the precise needs of many fields of activity, thanks to a joint design with professionals and custom developments.

Do you have examples in my field?

With nearly 20 case studies from industry, services, broadcasting, audiovisual and sports, there is bound to be a reference that is close to your business!

I can't find my sector, are the intercoms kits adapted to my activity?

Yes, our radio communication solutions are well adapted to all professional uses requiring team communication in difficult environments. We invite you to contact a VOKKERO® expert who will be able to answer all your questions about the equipment to choose for your project.

How can you assist me in my equipment project?

To help you in the accomplishment of your project, we need to understand the stakes and the specific needs of your organization. We then propose a solution tailored to you and your teams in the field. Finally, we make every effort to ensure that the communication systems defined together are set up and operating properly. If you have a project, contact us to discuss it together!