Amateur referee communication system

VOKKERO is the brand used for more than 15 years by almost all professional sports Leagues and Federations worldwide. The VOKKERO products have been used in particular during the last 4 Football World Cups.

In order to meet the needs of semi-professional or amateur sports referees, we decided to develop the SQUADRA ONE: all VOKKERO technology in an accessible and Plug & Play system

A simple and already configured system adapted to referees of all sports officiating up to 4 people without video refereeing. In less than few seconds, the products are functional and communication is established. 

Why choose VOKKERO referee kits?

Beyond amateur or semi-professional refereeing, professional referees have been choosing VOKKERO for more than 15 years thanks to the audio equipment that we develop continuously: from the standard communication system or with Bluetooth technology, to custom molded wireless headsets up to micro headsets with excellent audio quality. These hands-free devices have proven their worth in many national and international sports competitions (like the FIFA World Cup), whether for soccer or rugby. It is quite naturally that VOKKERO has chosen to offer new equipment with high sound quality for amateur referees who play in regions, departments or locally in an amateur league, association, committee, club, or at national level for semi-professional to professional referees. Suitable for football and handball as well as all other team sports, our system with its noise reduction filter present in each portable receiver allows you to control the game while eliminating surrounding noise.

In what sports VOKKERO equipment for amateur referees can be used ?

Our communication systems are perfectly adapted to all sports that do not require video refereeing assistance (VAR for the video assistant) for basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, or ice hockey matches. Many referees have already trusted VOKKERO in many countries : France, England, ...

For which types of referees are VOKKERO SQUADRA ONE audio equipment suitable?

Whether you are a club volunteer, amateur or semi-professional referee within a sports federation or a sports committee / league, practicing your profession with a VOKKERO referee kit is the best way to control a match, apply the rules of your sport and let win the champion at a final match in the rules while improving your refereeing level.

What is the complete VOKKERO SQUADRA ONE referee kit composed of?

For amateur referees who are looking for a complete headset at any time in their career, VOKKERO has developed the SQUADRA ONE equipment. This communication kit is wireless and easily portable since you have a carrying bag similar professional referees : light, flexible and strong. It contains the radio terminals (full duplex walkie-talkies), micro-earphones, a charger, but also optional accessories such as a belt or armband for referees.

Where can I buy the refereeing equipment from VOKKERO?

To purchase our referee kits (hands-free communication systems, micro earphones...), contact us directly or contact one of our distributors specialized in radio communication for sports!

Are you a professional referee?

In addition to audio equipment for amateur referees, VOKKERO also offers audio equipment for professional referees: the VOKKERO ELITE. VOKKERO's professional communication kits (radio comms systems, professional micro-earphones, charger-configurator...) have already proven themselves in the biggest international sports competitions, and we are the world leader in communication systems for sports referees.

Are you looking for other sports equipment?

We also offer radio communication devices perfectly adapted to sports coaching but also to all the technical teams that are nowadays essential during matches (video analysts, assistants, doctors, physiotherapists) : discover the VOKKERO GUARDIAN STAFF.