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Vokkero develops wireless radio systems capable of meeting the challenges of your business: industrial headset for the confidentiality of your communications, the safety of your teams, optimization of your interventions… and available with a large range of headset for industry.

How to choose the best industrial headset?

The security of your mobile teams, increasing your production, the need to work with reliable, robust industrial headset, and the confidentiality of your wireless radio communications system; these are all key issues in the industrial and service sectors, which is why Vokkero® integrates these key factors in its radio communication systems. Discover our guide to choosing between in-ear and headset microphones.

Vokkero radio communication systems: indispensable tools for industry!

Vokkero radio communication systems have been specially designed to meet the challenges of industry. These challenges may vary according to the sector of activity, but they have in common the need to maintain reliable and secure communications in difficult environments. They give work teams the ability to communicate in real time, regardless of location, while providing exceptional audio quality with a radio for communication...

Nowadays, communicating by radio has become essential for some professionals... Whether it's with a wireless headset, or other radio communication solutions, companies can no longer afford not to have a radio system... In the construction industry, for example, crews often have to work in noisy and dangerous environments, where voice communication can be difficult or impossible without a good radio communication system. Radio telecommunications solutions overcome these obstacles by providing superior audio quality, even in extreme environments. This allows workers to communicate effectively, reducing the risk of accidents and improving productivity.

Professional radio communication systems and radio telecommunication: a challenge for all industries...

Vokkero's professional radio communication systems are also particularly well suited to industrial environments, where traditional radio communications (or radiocom systems) can be disrupted by machines and equipment. They use state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliable and clear communications, even in the most challenging environments. They also offer features such as ambient noise reduction and echo suppression, which can easily improve audio quality.

Finally, in addition to industry, a Vokkero radio system is also very useful in the sports events sector, where fast and accurate radio communication is essential. They allow communication teams to work in real time, enabling them to coordinate activities on the ground efficiently. These solutions also offer a long communication range, which is essential for large events where many people are involved. With a wireless headset, military communication headset, or other radio communication systems, you are bound to find the radio communication system you need...

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VOKKERO radio communication solutions are adapted to all business areas, discover our references in other sectors!

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From intercoms to full duplex walkie-talkies through micro headsets and earpieces, Vokkero offers communication system material for industry specially designed with professionals!