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The GUARDIAN SHOW is a standalone wireless intercom system designed for audiovisual productions and live events. Licence-free and easy to set up, the GUARDIAN SHOW features 3 different radio and audio presets (Rigging, Live, Studio), in order to comply with a great variety of use cases, from a noisy stage building environment to the quietness of a studio set.

For more specific setups, they can be adjusted either from each individual beltpack or from th configurator’s intuitive touchscreen menu.

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Event communication kits: reliable radio communication solutions for audiovisual and entertainment...

Vokkero's intercom systems for events have also made their mark in the audiovisual and entertainment sectors. Indeed, these fields require fluid and efficient communication between the different actors of a production or an event. Technical teams, stage managers, artists and technicians must be able to communicate in real time to ensure the smooth running of the event. The Vokkero radio communication systems thus make it possible to coordinate the various teams and to guarantee clear and rapid communication.

Vokkero radio communication solutions are also appreciated for their reliability and robustness. In the context of a shooting or a show, it is imperative that the communication equipment works perfectly, and you cannot do without an event communication kit. Any malfunction can lead to delays, errors or unforeseen events that can compromise the quality of the production. Vokkero radio communication systems are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and the strongest of electromagnetic interference. Teams can therefore work with complete peace of mind and concentrate on their mission.

Finally, Vokkero live communication systems are highly appreciated for their ease of use. Technical teams, artists and technicians often have little time to adapt to new equipment. Vokkero radio communication systems are intuitive and easy to use among the radio communication kits for events. The different buttons and functions are clearly identified, which allows users to quickly get to grips with the equipment. In addition, Vokkero broadcast communication systems are compatible with standard audio headsets, so users do not have to familiarise themselves with new hearing equipment and other event radio systems.

Event communication kits: the benefits of wireless AV and entertainment intercoms

Vokkero's wireless AV intercom systems offer many advantages for AV and entertainment professionals and can be easily integrated into an event radio communication kit, whether for a stage talkback system or an AV intercom system:

  • Freedom of movement: Wireless intercom systems allow users to move freely around the stage, on stage or backstage, without being restricted by cables.
  • Clear communication: Wireless intercom systems offer exceptional audio quality, allowing clear and precise communication even in noisy environments.
  • Modularity: Vokkero's wireless intercom systems are modular and can be adapted to all communication needs, depending on the size and complexity of the event, as there is bound to be an event intercom system that will suit you
  • Ease of use: Vokkero's event intercom systems are easy to use and configure, with an intuitive menu on the configurator touch screen.
  • Time saving: Event radio kits save time and efficiency in communications, which is essential in audiovisual productions and live events.

By choosing Vokkero's wireless intercoms and event communication headsets and AV communication systems, you can be sure that with a Vokkero intercom, you are getting the best technology for your professional AV communications.

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