Referees and sports technical staff communication systems

Adopt the official equipment for referees & coaches of the world

Vokkero is recognised worldwide by team sports referees. With the benefit of experience, Vokkero has managed to adapt itself to the requirements of various sports environments; whether the sports are soccer, VAR, rugby, or yacht racing, Vokkero fully responds to the expectations of the sports sector.

Coaches and referees equipment: Vokkero technology serving coaches and referees for faster and more accurate decisions

Vokkero technology is widely used in the world of sport, particularly by coaches and referees, to improve communication and make decisions more quickly and accurately. This can be a referee accessory, a referee equipment audio communication solution, or football referee equipment. Vokkero radio communication systems have been specially designed to meet the needs of the sports industry for reliable and high quality communication, even in noisy and hectic environments! As sports refereeing is vast and involves all sports, referees of football, rugby, basketball, and all others who will need wireless radio communication systems will be concerned...

Football, basketball, rugby referee equipment: all sports are affected by radio communication systems!

Coaches, in addition to football and other sports referees, can use Vokkero systems to communicate with their team in real time, which is essential for giving instructions during a match or training session with communication equipment. Vokkero systems allow for wireless two-way communication for football or any other sport refereeing, which means that coaches can talk to their team, but also listen to what their team is saying back with a football or other sport referee accessory. This allows them to react quickly to situations on the field and make decisions accordingly with football or other activities referee accessories.

Sports, refereeing, and equipment: discover the most effective referee communication system!

Referees, such as in football refereeing, can also benefit from Vokkero technology, especially in sports where decisions must be made quickly and accurately, such as football or rugby. Indeed, choosing referee equipment should never be left to chance! Vokkero systems allow referees to communicate with each other in real time, enabling them to make decisions more quickly and accurately. They can also communicate with video officials to make real-time decisions in contentious situations, where refereeing and sport must coexist...

Looking for other radiocommunication solutions ?

Discover the other VOKKERO® professional communication systems! We also offer a range of referee kits specially designed for semi-pro or amateur refereeing which is perfectly suited to all sports fields.