Sport staff communication system

VOKKERO sports team radio communication sets are used by more than 10 national teams and more than 50 professional football and rugby clubs around the world. Our radio communication system is used by coaches, medical teams (physiotherapists, doctors...) and technical teams (video analysts, assistants...). Already used during the biggest international sports competition: the FIFA World Cup. VOKKERO full duplex walkie talkies and headsets provide reliable, secure and permanent team communication while having hands-free access to make the right decisions and maximise your chances to win.

In which sports can VOKKERO audio equipment be used?

VOKKERO radio communication equipment is perfectly adapted to professional sports clubs for many sports such as football, rugby, ice hockey and basketball. Our material is used by coaches, but also by technical, analysts and medical teams.

What communication system equipment do you provide for sports coaching?

VOKKERO offers a specific range of communication system equipment for sports technical staff: ready-to-use kits including full duplex walkie talkies, earphones or headsets, a touch-sensitive and intuitive charger-configurator and accessories according to your needs (belt pouch, armband).

Why should I use VOKKERO full duplex walkie talkies in my sport?

The communication system devices (full duplex walkie-talkies, micro headsets...) are different with the VOKKERO technology embedded in the equipment: a patented noise filter to eliminate the noise surrounding the stadium. Our radio terminals are also intuitive and easy to use, with almost instantaneous deployment. VOKKERO full duplex walkies do not require any base station, they work with a touch-sensitive charger/configurator which is very intuitive. Finally, the Bluetooth, alarm, or team group communication features are also uses that are very much appreciated by sports club teams.

Can you help me choose the right audio equipment for my sports club?

You can find all the communication system devices for sports coaches and technical and medical teams on this page with our dedicated GUARDIAN STAFF range and all the associated headsets. We are at your service to advise you and help you in your choice.

How do I order VOKKERO communication systems?

To order our communication systems for your sports club, you can contact us directly or get in touch with one of our distributors specialized in radiocommunication for sports and refereeing professionals. We also offer referee kits that are specially designed for amateurs and semi-professionals, contact us or one of our distributors for more information!

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