Intercom solutions for professionals

Vokkero® develops radio communication systems adapted to your professional activity, which meet your business constraints and requirements. Knowing how to meet your expectations is our priority: whatever your sector, Vokkero® offers intercom systems and an adequate radio communication solution. Our customers are the best to talk about our audio communication systems : choose a sector below to read one of their testimonials !

Industry and professional services communication systems
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Referees and sports technical staff communication systems
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Events and audiovisual communication systems
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How are Vokkero® intercoms designed?

Vokkero® radio communication systems are only made for professional use. They are developed in France by our R&D team composed of hardware and software engineers and PhDs in signal processing. The audio quality of listening and comfort is undeniable to ensure perfect communication in all environments.

How are your solutions adapted to my business area?

In addition to the standard functionalities of the Vokkero® radio communication kits, there are also Vokkero® solutions that meet the precise needs of many fields of activity, thanks to a joint design with professionals and custom developments.

Why choose Vokkero® for my business ?

These solutions are used by professionals all recognized in their activities: from international sports soccer competitions to sensitive ATEX zones, where there is no place for error!

Do you have examples in my field?

With nearly 20 case studies from industry, services, broadcasting, audiovisual and sports, there is bound to be a reference that is close to your business!

I can't find my sector, are the intercoms kits adapted to my activity?

Yes, our radio communication solutions are well adapted to all professional uses requiring team communication in difficult environments. We invite you to contact a Vokkero® expert who will be able to answer all your questions about the equipment to choose for your project.

How can you assist me in my equipment project?

To help you in the accomplishment of your project, we need to understand the stakes and the specific needs of your organization. We then propose a solution tailored to you and your teams in the field. Finally, we make every effort to ensure that the communication systems defined together are set up and operating properly. If you have a project, contact us to discuss it together!

What equipment do you offer?

We offer a wide range of equipment for all professional areas: headsets, full duplex radio walkie talkies, earpieces, and intercoms!