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Vokkero® is developing offers specific to your line of business and which respond to your sector’s constraints and your requirements. Knowing how to fulfil your expectations is our priority: regardless of what your sector is, Vokkero® offers you an appropriate solution. If you do not find your line of business on our site, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Radio communication system for the industry and services

Choose an industrial headset for your business

Vokkero develops wireless radio systems capable of meeting the challenges of your business: industrial headset for the confidentiality of your communications, the safety of your teams, optimization of your interventions… and available with a large range of headset for industry.

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Vokkero® is recognised worldwide by team sports referees. With the benefit of experience, Vokkero® has managed to adapt itself to the requirements of various sports environments; whether the sports are soccer, rugby, or yacht racing, Vokkero® fully responds to the expectations of the sports sector.

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Pro Audio


The Guardian Plus is a powerful digital intercom system, allowing to set-up in less than 3 minutes a full duplex audio conference, with 4 groups and unlimited number of users. The AES128 encryption makes it safe, and its advanced radio architecture doesn’t require any base station or antenna to operate in wide venues or stadiums. The patented noise filter ensures clear communication in noisy environments. Simple, intuitive and affordable, it helps you to improve team communication on every of your productions.

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