World leader in wireless communication systems in sport refereeing, Vokkero products are appropriate to mobile teams operating in complex environments. Thanks to its patented noise filter, our products solve all communication problems.

Industry and services range

The safety of mobile teams, increased production, the need to work with reliable and robust products, the confidentiality of communications ... are key issues in the industry and services sector. GUARDIAN products perfectly meet its constraints.

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Refereeing Sport range

Vokkero Squadra® product is the leader for 13 years in the biggest international competitions, equipping 98% of the federations and confederations, it has become the official system of communication of the referees of football of the world.

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Staff Sport Range

The GUARDIAN STAFF meets the communication needs of coaches and medical teams in sports, technically suited to the organization of official matches and noisy environments, it optimizes decision-making and the probability to win!

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The leading products Vokkero
  • Référence : VOKKER-GUARD-FCE001-ST(B)

    The VOKKERO® GUARDIAN is a mobile radio terminal dedicated to industry and service.

  • Référence : VOKKER-SQUAD-FCE002

    The VOKKERO SQUADRA is a mobile radio terminal, dedicated to professional referees.