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World leader in sport wireless communication systems, Vokkero professional radio communication equipment is perfectly adapted to mobile teams working in complex environments.

Thanks to our patented noise filter, our intercoms, earpieces, full duplex walkie talkies, and headsets solve all audio communication problems. In order to offer you the best radio communication solution, we adapt our equipment to your business area, whether in the field of sports for referees and technical staff, in industry and services, or in the audiovisual and event broadcasting industry.

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Who are VOKKERO® communication systems intended for?

VOKKERO® radio communication equipment is only intended for professionals working in teams and in critical contexts (noisy, explosive, dangerous, dusty...). This equipment is particularly used in the world's biggest sports competitions or by international companies recognized in their field.

What radio communication system do you provide?

From full duplex walkie talkie to intercom and high quality headsets, we offer a wide range of radio communication equipment. You will also find in the products we offer, custom solutions useful for the installation of your equipment through audio gateways, fiber optics, IP network ...

Can you develop products such as custom-made intercoms?

Because the needs of companies are different according to their activity, the radio communication systems that we create are designed in partnership with professionals in a wide variety of fields in services and industries, sports and broadcasting events.

Why choose VOKKERO® communication equipment?

Our radio communication systems (intercoms, permanent communication on walkie talkies...) make the difference above all thanks to the VOKKERO® onboard technology: a patented noise filter. However, our radios are particularly known for their ease of installation and almost instantaneous deployment (no base station, only a touch-sensitive charger configurator). Alarm, Bluetooth or group communication functionalities are also features appreciated by our customers. You will find all VOKKERO® products on this page.

Can you help me choose the audio equipment for my activity?

You will find all the information about our equipment sorted by field of activity, but if you have a doubt or a question about a particular VOKKERO® communication system, do not hesitate to contact us!

Where can I VOKKERO® products?

You can contact us directly, or call on our network of distributors specialized in radio communication systems. We deliver all over the world!

How does the delivery and installation of the products take place?

Once your order has been placed, we are at your service if you need help installing your equipment and training in its use if necessary.

Need examples of how to use our communication kits?

We have many communication system case studies availables in various business sectors like sport, industry, construction and public works, or even the audiovisual sector!