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Vokkero extends its distribution network with Protecthoms.
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SDIS 74 demonstrates the efficiency of the Vokkero GUARDIAN system
"Team communication during an operation is very important, it enables to save time, it makes operations much more efficient," says firefighters of SDIS 74.
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Sport or industry professionals

Vokkero® is the leading wireless communication system providing winning solution for sports officiating.
Vokkero is well suited for a variety of industrial applications, such as construction, maritime, security, nuclear, asbestos removal and more.
Vokkero® Guardian is the latest Vokkero® radio communication system that allows multiple users to create an instant audio conference, permanent and secure.
Equipped with a patented noise filter, our product solves all communication problems in noisy or challenging environment. Its hands-free system ensures increased safety for work crews. Our product comes in 3 versions to meet all requirements: Standard, Plus, Atex.