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The Fire and Rescue Service (46, 74 & 34 dept) show VOKKERO radios performances
"We have found a way to achieve excellence in terms of safety for our staff involved, but also to save time on operations, thanks to its increased responsiveness and..."
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VOKKERO ELITE, one year later, already more than 50 sports federations equipped!
In one year, in the context of a global health crisis, the VOKKERO ELITE has succeeded in gaining its place as a leader in communication systems for professional referees. Here’s how and why.
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How to choose the right headset - Our advice
Indoors or outdoors, in noisy environments or sensitive areas, the headset is the essential radio communication accessory. But how to choose it? Discover the advice of our experts!
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Radio communication systems

Vokkero® : professional radio communication system

Specialized in radio communication systems for mobile teams for professionals, Vokkero® is recognized worldwide in sports (world leader in professional refereeing), Pro Audio (events, audiovisual, broadcasting) and industry and services such as security, nuclear, or railways.

Who can use the Vokkero® radio communication systems ?

Vokkero® has developed radio communication systems specially designed for professionals according to their sector of activity: the Squadra communication system is ideal for sports referees, while the Guardian radio terminal is more suitable for industry and services.

What are the main products of Vokkero® ?

- Vokkero® Squadra : world leader in sports, 98% of federations and confederations use this wireless radio communication system, including for international sports competitions.

- Vokkero® Guardian : Professionals in the industrial and service sectors (such as construction, military, nuclear, industrial...) as well as high-risk environments use the Vokkero® Guardian radio communication system, which makes it possible to communicate on sites with explosive atmospheres (thanks to its ATEX certification), confined spaces...

Vokkero® R&D has designed a wireless radio communication system allowing several users to create an instant, permanent and secure audio conference. Equipped with a patented noise filter, our communication system solves all communication problems in noisy or difficult environments. Its hands-free system ensures increased security for work teams. Vokkero® Guardian exists in 3 versions to meet all requirements: Standard, Plus, Atex.

Where to find a Vokkero® reseller?

You will find Vokkero® wireless radio communication systems in more than 40 countries around the world: consult our network of Vokkero® distributors around the world here!

What is radiocommunication?

Radiocommunication (or radio communication) consists of communication between several interlocutors via a radio transmission. Many radio communication systems (such as full duplex walkie-talkies, radio terminals, headsets...) are used by professionals in industry and services.