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Wireless Intercom radio solutions for professionals at sea.

Application for secure docking manœuvres:

A docking manoeuvre is a tense and stressful moment for crew members, as the risk of injuring a crew member or damaging the ship is high.

To ensure that the manoeuvre is carried out safely and successfully, crew members should be able to count on totally reliable and audible radio communication, a system that gives them total freedom of movement.

Vokkero® has respondded to this issue :

  • A full duplex, hands-free system, which provides immediate and permanent communication with no manipulation.
  • Its noise filtering system ensures clear communication in any environment.
  • A “WI” wireless interface allows a Vokkero® system to be connected to any existing type of intercom system on board, thus offering to a wired mobile extension.

The captain can therefore remain in communication with the mooring crew while they are handling the hawsers, mooring winches and fenders.

Vokkero® has been developed to meet the needs and constraints of sailing professionals and is an essential communication aid to all docking, unearthing and lock passage manoeuvres.

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Using Vokkero system has made my life a lot easier. Our boat is very noisy; on long tows, it was almost impossible to hear any of the radios or talk to my crew. Now with Vokkero system I can actually hear the radios clearly and easily talk with my crew. Our towing operations are much safer now as we can easily speak to each other and I no longer miss radio calls on our VHF.
After using this system, I can't imagine doing our job without it!

Sean Morley, Capt. - Tow Boat US - Key West, Florida

Strong points

  • A clear and intelligible communication in an ATEX environment
  • An instant conference and efficient communication
  • A secure and confidential communication
  • Sustainable radio and easy to use system

Marine - VOKKERO

Marine - VOKKERO

Technical specifications

  • ATEX certification
  • Communication system full duplex hands-free with unlimited users
  • Patented noise filter: Digital audio filtering (noise from the work environment)
  • Sampling frequency: 16kHz
  • Range up to 1km
  • Battery life up to 14 hours (rechargeable Li-Polymer battery)